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Beware Timeshare Rental Scams

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Here we are getting to the bottom of the real scam in the timeshare industry: timeshare rental scams. Beware Timeshare Rental Scams Unsuspecting clients are being affected by timeshare rental scams as they defraud individuals of their hard earned income … Continued

Timeshare Rescission Period Facts

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There is a term in the timeshare industry called the rescission period that consumers should become familiar with. Essentially the timeshare rescission period gives consumers the chance to consider their purchase and read their contract at their own leisure following … Continued

Cancel Villa del Palmar Timeshare

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Think very carefully before you decide to cancel Villa del Palmar timeshare or any other such reputable vacation ownership brand. Contrary to what some fraudulent cancellation companies would have you believe, it is not possible to legally cancel genuine timeshares … Continued

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