2013 Sees Tourism Escalate in Puerto Vallarta

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According to a Hotel News Resource article published online in August this year, Puerto Vallarta is destined to receive an increased number of visitors to its shores during the summer of 2013. Predictions given by the Mexico’s Ministry of Tourism suggest that hotels will see up to 80% occupancy, which is a welcome increase for all businesses related to tourism from taxi drivers to restaurant owners. The article refers to a figure around $78 million USD as the influx of money heading towards Puerto Vallarta

There appears to be a number of initiatives that have led to the increase of Puerto Vallarta’s popularity in 2013, of which an ambitious campaign to promote the destination locally and in foreign countries is deemed to have had a major influence. Supporting this venture comes improved infrastructure and a number of new hotels in the area. The increase of direct flights to the area, with Delta boasting 9 direct flights to Los Angeles and new flights to New York’s JFK, Philadelphia and St Louis due in the fall, will also have an affect on these figures in the future. The summer season next year is hoping to see new flights from UK too.

For Puerto Vallarta fans, beyond the attraction of all these improvements, the destination continues to delight visitors because of its stunning surroundings, cradled by the tropical Sierra Madre Mountains and Banderas Bay. There are few locations where you can go mountain biking in the mountains, and scuba diving and whale watching all in the same week. The picturesque seafront promenade, the Malecon, that was renovated with breathtaking success in 2010 also remains to be an attraction that entertains visitors from around the world.

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