5 Recommended Beaches in Cancun

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Cancun has long been the perennial place for beach lovers wanting the best tropical vacations.  It has all the elements that make up the ideal beach destination like powdery sands, crystal clear waters and mild temperature.  Cancun’s 13 miles of coastal beauty play host to a lot of different beaches each with their own distinct characteristics.  You’ll never have a shortage of a nice beaches here because wherever you go, the indescribable beauty is highly evident.

Here are the top 5 beaches in Cancun; it can serve as your guide looking for that perfect beach.

5 Recommended Beaches in Cancun

Playa Tortugas

The sunny Playa Tortugas prides itself on its waveless waters; just one of the few in the Hotel Zone.  The complete family beach with world class facilities  like a bungee tower, attractive promenade and an outstanding restaurant standing on its oceanfront.  Even though it’s relatively small, it features food places serving the best and freshest seafood found in the seas of Cancun.

Playa Delfines

If you’re looking for size and quality water, Playa Delfines is the beach for you.  It’s considered as one of Cancun’s most massive and boasts of incredibly blue, clear waters where you can peek through and appreciate its rich underwater resources.  If you’re a water sports lover, you have found the right playground.  The sound of motorboats and jet skis echoes in its surroundings as enthusiasts try their skills on its vast waters.

North Beach – Isla Mujeres

If you plan to visit the small and attractive island of Isla Mujeres, try the waters of North Beach (Playa Norte).  It’s nestled on the island’s far northern end.  This the kind of beach for those visitors who know how to enjoy the good life with many beachfront bars that can be a venue for a night’s drinking and partying.  What makes North Beach unique is its unbelievable quiet waters that have no waves and are shallow.  During dusk, sit on its sandy grounds and be moved by the setting of the romantic sun in the blue ocean waters.

Playa Forum

Playa Forum is an open, public beach and a very popular social spot where many casual beach lovers hang out during the weekend break.  It’s also known as Playa Gaviota Azul and its fronting the lively bar of Coco Bongo Nightclub.  It’s a never to be missed beach situated in Punta Cancun, where meeting and socializing with new people are normal daily activities.  Spend an unforgettable afternoon at the Mandala Beach Club, it will be an upscale experience worth your money.

Playa Chac Mool

Right beside the hectic Playa Forum lies a low profiled beach that’s the epitome of serenity, the Playa Chac Mool Beach.  If you’re not after any active outdoor fun, you’ve come to the right

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