Here we are getting to the bottom of the real scam in the timeshare industry: timeshare rental scams.

Beware Timeshare Rental Scams

Unsuspecting clients are being affected by timeshare rental scams as they defraud individuals of their hard earned income by renting a false vacation rental. If you find a timeshare week at an amazing resort in Mexico that is being privately advertised and you talk it over with your family, then decide to reserve that week for your family vacation. You pay the money that is asked for the timeshare week rental, you and your family are very excited and head out for your vacation. When you arrive at the resort is when you feel like you are involved in a timeshare rental scam. They inform you that the timeshare member who rented out their timeshare week has not paid their maintenance fees or the week that you reserved was not booked for you and your family. There could be other reasons too, but whatever reason you are given, the timeshare week is not available for you and your family. Your money is gone and your vacation is ruined. The timeshare rental scams also are involved in other major and serious crimes including identity theft and credit card theft.

Beware Timeshare Rental Scams – Protecting Yourself

You should beware of timeshare rental scams and you can protect yourself and avoid all rental frauds and timeshare rental scams by following a few simple tips provided below:

  • Searching for timeshare rentals, you should only use reputable websites, and doing this will protect your credit card information and your identity. If you rent a timeshare week, then make sure you are given some kind of guarantee along with a written rental agreement.
  • When you see a timeshare rental that is cheaper than other rentals, then beware as that rental may be a scam.
  • The timeshare resort that you are considering doing a timeshare week rental should be researched to make sure that the resort actually exists, then start checking their reviews.
  • If you are renting a timeshare week and asked to wire money to the renter or make a cash deposit somewhere instead of paying on a reputable website, then this is probably a scam.
  • Social security numbers, banking account passwords, credit card numbers, and personal information should never be given out to anyone.
  • The timeshare company that you have booked your reservation should be checked by you to make sure that the person that you rented the timeshare week has added you as a guest. While you are talking to the timeshare company you should ask if you will have to pay anything extra when you arrive and if there are any special rules you need to follow.

Timeshare owners are being scammed too

The timeshare owners are also being scammed by the timeshare rental scams. The owners are just wanting to rent out their vacation weeks, but these fraud agencies charge a hefty upfront fee just to rent out their vacation weeks. They will take your money, but do very little in renting out your timeshare week. If you really want to rent out your timeshare vacation weeks, then look for a professional timeshare rental company that only charges a commission, so you don’t have to pay any fees upfront.