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Tips for Writing Hotel Reviews

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If you would like to praise a hotel for its impeccable services, or you would like to complain about the nightmare stay at a resort, a great way that you can share your hotel experience with other people, which would … Continued

New Scams

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Each year, people complain to the various authorities about new scams that have come to haunt the unsuspecting consumer or website user. Some of these new scams even include our favorite social media sites. The more technology advances, the more … Continued

Summer Scams when Traveling

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Unfortunately, summer seems to be the time when many scams occur, and this could be because the warm and pleasant weather have our guards down and we aren’t so skeptical. Traveling to places that we aren’t familiar for may leave … Continued

What can ruin your vacation?

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The world is full of things than can, potentially, ruin your vacation, and sometimes it’s hard to tell just what you can do to prevent or minimize the effect these things will have, but we have some tips that will … Continued

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