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Beware Timeshare Rental Scams

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Here we are getting to the bottom of the real scam in the timeshare industry: timeshare rental scams. Beware Timeshare Rental Scams Unsuspecting clients are being affected by timeshare rental scams as they defraud individuals of their hard earned income … Continued

Timeshare Rescission Period Facts

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There is a term in the timeshare industry called the rescission period that consumers should become familiar with. Essentially the timeshare rescission period gives consumers the chance to consider their purchase and read their contract at their own leisure following … Continued

Timeshare Scam Telltale Signs

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Most of timeshare companies are truly genuine. There are many timeshare companies offering amazing services that are an exceptional value and allows for members to stay in only the best locations worldwide with the highest quality of services. Believe it … Continued

Phone Phishing Scams

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Phone phishing scams are more and more prevalent these days. This scam happens when you receive unsolicited phone calls from scammers who try to encourage you to share your personal details, such as your bank card, credit card or bank … Continued

RCI and Registry Collection

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RCI and the Registry Collection together represent one of the best international exchange services represent some of the best international exchange services for timeshare owners. Such services allow owners to swap timeshare weeks for stays in other countries around the … Continued

Mexican Timeshares

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Mexican timeshares come with amazing accommodations and at an affordable price, especially for those residing in Canada or the United States. People are very happy with their Mexican timeshares, because of the wonderful weather, the country’s beauty, and accommodations. Read … Continued

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