Only a few places on the planet deserve the word “perfect” when referring to the weather, besides the fact that perfection is a subjective matter. Puerto Vallarta’s climate is about as close as you can get to perfection for a beach vacation. What is on most people’s mind when booking a beach vacation is sunshine, and Puerto Vallarta certainly offers plenty of sunny rays. In fact, statistics boast more than 325 days a year!

Temperatures are hot during the day throughout the year and the humidity can get a little tiring during the height of summer, but generally the temperature are bearable, especially if you are relaxing by a pool or in the sea. On average, temperatures in summer range from 88ºF (31ºC) and lows of 77ºF (25ºC), cooling only slightly at night. Winter on the other hand is idyllic, with average temperatures around 82ºF (28ºC) during the day and lows of 61ºF (16ºC) at night.

Rain is very predictable in Puerto Vallarta and will not be a great hindrance to your enjoyment. Firstly, there is a clear rainy season starting in June and ending in October, so if rain is a complete no, no, then avoid these months. However, even if you do visit Puerto Vallarta during the rainy season, it is not likely to rain all day and usually there are only three or so hours of rain in the afternoon or at night. Rain usually gets into a rhythm too, so you can easily plan your activities according to when it is going to rain.

It is worth mentioning that Puerto Vallarta is on a hurricane route, but luckily the destination avoids major problems because of the way Banderas Bay is located geographically. Hurricanes tend to pass by the destination provoking rain storms and high winds, but rarely are there major problems caused by these meteorological phenomenons.