Club Caribe timeshare membership works on a club points basis, which is a fantastic advantage. If you purchase a vacation club membership with Club Caribe, then you purchase club points that you can use in exchange for the accommodation you require for as long as you require according to how many club points you own. Club Caribe timeshare membership is a flexible vacation ownership program that allows you to use your club points for accommodations in any of its affiliated resorts that includes destinations such as Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas and Cancun, with the Riviera Maya soon to be added to the list.

Club Caribe Timeshare Club Points

Villa del Palmar Cancun

When you decide to purchase a Club Caribe Timeshare, then you will purchase enough points for week or more in a particular suite during a particular season: holiday, winter or summer. The type of suite you purchase will determine how many points you will be allocated each year. Let’s say you purchase a winter season One Bedroom Unit, you will be allocated enough points to reserve a similar size unit each year, although not enough points to reserve the unit during the holiday season. If you were to reserve a One Bedroom unit during the summer, you will have points left over, which could be enough to stay an extra day or use towards an all inclusive meal plan for your vacation.

Another way that these Club Caribe timeshare club points are flexible is that you can split your week, choosing to take two shorter vacations rather than a whole week. Another way is if you choose to stay in a smaller unit, like a studio, meaning you could stay for longer on the same number of points. The trick to getting the most out of your points is that the more points you have per year, the more you can do with them.

Club Caribe Timeshare Seasons

Club Caribe timeshare usage is also divided into seasons, summer, winter and holidays. The number of club points needed to reserve a unit during each of these seasons differs, with the holiday season requiring the most points and the off-peak summer season requiring the least. The holiday season at Club Caribe includes New Year’s, Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and President’s Week.

Saving and Borrowing Club Points

If you are wanting to reserve a particular suite, then you will have to have the points required to do so, so with the Club Caribe Timeshare points, you can save or borrow points, so you are able to reserve a particular suite even if your yearly allowance is not enough.  The only restriction on using this feature is during any of the holiday weeks, when you must have enough of your allocated club points to cover a whole week. Saving your timeshare points is also beneficial, because if one year you don’t use all your points, then you can save them and use them the next year.

Club Caribe Timeshare Points for Paying for Services

Club Caribe timeshare membership allows you to use your timeshare points to pay for a variety of services. You can use your timeshare points to pay towards spa treatments, flowers, and all-inclusive meal plans. This will save you money on your vacation along with giving you added amenities. You can use your Club Points to cover up to 50% of the cost of these services.

Timeshare Points for Other Resort Destinations

Being a timeshare member with Club Caribe allows you to use your points to stay at any of the resorts within the Tafer Hotels and Resorts group, which includes the brands Garza Blanca, Hotel Mousai and Villa del Palmar found in locations such as Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, Los Cabos and Cancun.