In the 1930’s, the first margarita was made in Baja California, Mexico near the coastal towns of Ensenada and Tijuana. In 1953, just a few years later the first recipe for the margarita was published in Esquire magazine, which left many readers thrilled to make the delicious cocktail in the privacy of their own homes. In fact, one of the world’s most requested cocktails today is the margarita. Cabo San Lucas on the Baja Peninsula tip is a beautiful coastal town that many people enjoy visiting. Do you? If you do, then you may be interested in knowing where you can get the best margarita while you are visiting. Continue to read below for the top 6 Cabo margaritas. 

1. Monkey’s Cave Bar

According to visitor reviews, the number one place to get the best margaritas is at the Monkey’s Cave Bar in Cabo San Lucas. There are two locations, one at the Cabo marina and a smaller bar in the downtown area. The margaritas are homemade, delicious, and only fresh ingredients are used along with the best liquor. A fresh slice of lime or an orange is the garnish for the margarita, and you definitely won’t be disappointed with the size of their margaritas. All of the margaritas at the Monkey’s Cave Bar are served in glasses that aremade locally at the Glass Factory, and you can purchase your own glasses which make a perfect gift or souvenir.

2. Garza Blanca Beach Deck’s Raw Bar 

Are you a luxury traveler that prefers only the best there is, and you want an upscale margarita in Cabo San Lucas? If so, then the Garza Blanca Beach Deck’s Raw Bar is perfect for you. This raw bar is found at the newly opened Garza Blanca Resort. They also specialize in fresh seafood dishes. You can lounge in the sun at the Garza Blanca Beach Deck’s Raw Bar, and you will savor the incredible beachside views at this sophisticated location. If you get hungry for a hearty meal, then you can also enjoy gourmet cuisine at one of the numerous restaurants that are located on-site. You can even become a vacation club member with Garza Blanca if you want to have consistently incredible getaways. Contact Garza Blanca today to see if you arequalified for this elite opportunity to obtain a Garza Blanca vacation club membership.

3. Uno Mas

The third top place for a margarita is at Uno Mas. Uno Mas means “One More”, and when you drink your first margarita, no doubt you will be asking for “Uno Mas!” Uno Mas has a happy hour where you and your friends can drink delicious margaritas that only cost $3.50 each. If you want to try a margarita that is unique, then Uno Mas is the place. They make a pineapple margarita that is made with Jose Cuervo Tradicional Tequila, Controy, lime, orange juice, and fresh chunks of pineapple. Everyone that tries this margarita enjoys it. 

4. La Catrina 

The number four spot for the best margaritas in Cabo San Lucas is at the La Catrina Restaurant and Bar. You can sip on your margarita while laying on the soft sands of Playa El Medano Beach. La Catrina offers a mixture of Mexican, Spanish, and Vegetarian dishes that will go perfectly with your tasty margarita. The La Catrina Restaurant and Bar is open from 7:00am – 11:00pm daily, and visitors and locals rave about their delicious food, drinks, and views. The Ultimate Margarita at the La Catrina is just $4.99, which makes it a delicious and affordable option in Cabo. 

5. The Office

Do you live in Cabo and you are craving a margarita, but you are supposed to work today? Don’t worry, because The Office bar will solve that problem for you. The Office in Los Cabos is located on Playa El Medano Beach. It is very popular with tourists, and you are recommended to make a reservation before you go as the wait times can be significant during high season. The Office has several margaritas that are tasty, and the Cadillac Margarita is made with local and fresh ingredients. If you want to eat something while you drink your margarita, then you can order traditional Mexican foods and fresh seafood dishes that will go great with your margarita. 

6. Tequila Sunrise

The sixth and last on the list of top margaritas is at Todos Santos, which is a small town that is located near Los Cabos.  Tequila Sunrise is across from the Hotel California, a very popular destination for tourists. They also provide a nice menu, too. You should expect to pay higher prices for your margarita here, but it is worth the money. The Margarita Diamont is their top seller. It has a unique mixture of flavors that many people have said was the best margarita they ever tried. You should go try their margarita too so you can judge for yourself. 

Are you planning a vacation in 2020 to Cabo San Lucas? If you are, then you should try to go to these top 6 Cabo margarita’s locations. Salud!