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There is nothing better to do while on your summer vacation in Puerto Vallarta than to go on one of the Marigalante pirate ship cruise tours.

What is the Marigalante Pirate Ship? The Marigalante is a wooden pirate ship galleon built over a solid steel base that meets all the current health and safety regulations. If you are ready for a fun packed, exciting pirate ship excursion, then you can choose from two different cruise tours in Puerto Vallarta. The first of the pirate ship cruise tours in Puerto Vallarta is the Pirate Land Day Tour and the second is the Pirates of the Bay night tour. You can expect to have a blast aboard the Marigalante Pirate ship, an excursion that will be the perfect addition to your vacation this summer in Puerto Vallarta.

Pirate Ship Cruise Tours in Puerto Vallarta

Do you want to see pirates sword fighting and cannons blasting off? Then you will want to go on the Marigalante cruises both day and night, which are the most popular Banderas Bay cruises in Puerto Vallarta. The pirate crewmembers put on an acrobatic show, then serve you with a tasty Mexican meal; and who doesn’t love an open bar too?

Pirate Land Cruise

The daytime pirate ship excursion is the Pirate Land Cruise tour, which sails from one side of the Banderas Bay to the other side. Guests on the pirate ship will start off the tour with a breakfast buffet and a pirate show, then the tour arrives in Majahuitas where a treasure hunt and beach volleyball is offered. If you want a little water activity, then you can go snorkeling or kayaking. The Pirate Land Tour is a bit more edgy twist for any vacation.

Pirates of the Bay Night Cruise Tours

The Pirates of the Bay Night Cruise Tours bring out the child in all of us. This pirate ship excursion is geared for adults, because it heads out at around 6-7pm at night, then as the sunset hits Banderas Bay guests enjoy a pirate show and games. The pirate party doesn’t stop there as servers brings out dinner, then drinks can be enjoyed at the open bar. At the end of the pirate ship cruise, guests will see an amazing fireworks show.

When you plan your summer vacation in Puerto Vallarta you will want to make sure you go on one of the cruise tours, especially the Marigalante, which is the pirate ship of Puerto Vallarta. You won’t regret it!