Exploring Puerto Vallarta and all its beauty is every tropical vacationer’s dream.  It has many fabulous attractions and plays host to a lot of fun filled activities.  Vacation brochures and the internet supply all the basic information one needs if he plans to visit the place.  However, hidden wonders are many and are waiting to be discovered in Puerto Vallarta.  It could change everything and makes your trip a highly fulfilling one.

The best way of getting information is asking the local people who call Puerto Vallarta their home; so are the expats who have chosen to make it their permanent residence.  When you’re uncomfortable asking those around you, then try to observe and eventually do what most of them do.  To give you some insights, here are some ways of the local people which you’ll find interesting and are worth imitating in Puerto Vallarta.

Barracuda and El Solar

Barracuda Restaurant is the ultimate choice for local people to hangout and dine in Puerto Vallarta.  The weekend sees it full of people old and young alike.  Its great location on the beach is irresistible for those looking for a scenic place with a romantic ambience.  It provides an option for those who don’t want to contend with the crowd especially during the peak season.  Fish tacos, seafood cuisines and ceviche are customer’s favourite.  You can choose to dine inside or have it on its sandy grounds.

If you want to drink and dine, the El Solar Beach Bar will be a great venue in Puerto Vallarta just next door to Solar.  It’s known to play different kinds of music like reggae and R&B during the day while techno or jazz sounds dominate the night’s silence.  You can eat out while lying comfortably on your sunbed or have a sip of your favourite wine while sitting on the sand and looking at the endless ocean.  This bar welcomes everyone, from the well dressed, formal ones to the almost naked, barefooted sea lovers.  Never miss out on this place, it’s where local people drink a round or two to pass the time away.

The Farmers Market

Puerto Vallarta locals treat Saturday as a day to do some buying and stock replenishing.  They usually meet in Olas Altas Plaza anticipating the opening of the Farmers Market around 9 am.  Local produce, fruits, vegetables and viands are sold here at reasonable prices, so are jewelries, home decors, accessories and artisanal crafts.  This is a place to buy souvenirs in Puerto Vallarta that you can give to special people back home.  Be sure to get up early as there are a lot of people to contend with, who are also hoping to avail of the great buys that stalls offer.

Las Gemelas Beach

The peak season makes the majority of Puerto Vallarta’s beaches filled to the rafters with enthusiastic visitors.  It can get too noisy and disorderly, that’s why local people go to an alternative place called the Las Gemelas Beach.  It is located around 15 minutes away to the road going to Mismaloya.  You can see sign boards pointing you to its exact location, where you need to go down some few steps to discover this hidden beauty.  Gentle waves and calm waters are the hallmark of Las Gemelas Beach, where peace and relaxation are not hard to find.

J and B Dancing Club

A very lively place for those who love dancing is the J and B Dancing Club.  It’s a favourite local night spot for people who simply enjoy the moves of salsa, cumbia and merengue.  The salsa club is located away from where most clubs are but can be easily seen because of its huge sign board.  Get those dancing shoes ready because you’re going to rock the night away at J&B Dancing Club in Puerto Vallarta.