Fake Timeshare Scam Companies

If you are looking for legitimate timeshare ownership in Mexico, you will be able to find many excellent choices. There are a lot of satisfied timeshare owners that have been completely happy with their investment, and enjoy taking their vacations at luxurious resorts in Mexico. It is very unfortunate that there are fake timeshare scam companies out there lurking to take advantage of timeshare owners. These fake timeshare scam companies try to convince timeshare owners that they are a real genuine timeshare consulting company so they can take advantage of them and scam them. Don’t become a victim to fake timeshare scam companies by protecting yourself with the tips provided below.

Fake Timeshare Scam Companies

Majority of timeshare scams in the past were related to fake timeshare scam companies that tried to sell timeshares illegally. In more recent years, the scammers have become more creative as they have one goal and that is to scam people and take their money. The fake timeshare scam companies are now targeting timeshare owners by offering to help cancel or resell their timeshare service. These fake timeshare scam companies even try to get timeshare owners to upgrade their timeshare with their company. They also tell timeshare owners that they currently have a buyer that is willing to purchase their present timeshare, too. How will timeshare owners know that they are dealing with a fake timeshare scam company? The first red flag is the company will ask you to pay an upfront fee just to get the process started. Timeshare owners need to beware of fake timeshare scam companies so your timeshare investment and money is protected and safe.

Fake Timeshare Consultant Scam Companies

An advisory warning was recently released by the American Resort Development Association (ARDA). The warning was directed at timeshare owners and advised to be aware of fraudulent timeshare companies that claim that they are working with the ARDA. One particular fake timeshare consultant scam company is known as “Resort Consulting Advocates”. This fraudulent company is operating under this name to scam timeshare owners. The “Resort Consulting Advocates” have already scammed many timeshare owners by telling them that they have interested buyers for their timeshare, and they even created sales contracts that are not legal, and went as far as to add a “100% Guarantee” claim within the contract. This fake timeshare consultant scam company does not truly have a buyer and consequently the timeshare owner becomes a victim when they pay an upfront fee, and then the company disappears with their money.

Fake Timeshare Resellers

Unfortunately, “Resort Consulting Advocates” is not the only fake timeshare scam company out there claiming to be a genuine timeshare company so timeshare owners will be convinced to use their services. These fake timeshare reseller companies just continue to change their company name so they cannot be prosecuted by the authorities, which is why timeshare owners often become an unwilling victim to their timeshare scams. If you are a timeshare owner and you are contacted by one of these types of companies, we advise that you avoid talking to them. You should only talk and deal with the timeshare company that you purchased your timeshare from. Doing this will keep your money and investment safe. You should only contact your timeshare company personally when you have a concern or complaint and your timeshare company will have professionals available to assist you. If you do this, you will not lose your hard earned money to the fake timeshare scam companies.

Were You Scammed? What Should You Do?

Have you paid an upfront fee or recently were contacted by a timeshare scammer? If you have, then you should contact your legitimate timeshare company immediately and let them know what occurred. You will be actually helping timeshare companies that are legit and genuine and they can warn their members about the scammers. It is a good idea to also contact the state attorney, the Better Business Bureau and your local authorities to file a claim. You can prevent other timeshare owners from being scammed by sharing your story.

An Upfront Fee is a Scam

If you don’t want to be a victim of a timeshare scam, then you should always remember that you are never to pay any timeshare company an upfront fee. It’s a scam! Any company that offers you any timeshare reselling service should be researched thoroughly because usually this is a scam. A third party is only looking to scam your money. You should only talk to the company where you purchased your timeshare from directly, and by doing this will keep you and your timeshare investment completely safe.