There are so many great Puerto Vallarta tour cruises to choose from, both day and night, to meet everyone’s needs and preferences. Going on a Puerto Vallarta tour cruise is the perfect way to see hidden beaches, breathtaking coastlines, and crystal clear waters as well as party the night away with friends and family. Puerto Vallarta’s selection of tour cruises offers fun, laughter and adventure. Since there are a variety of Puerto Vallarta tour cruises, you can do all types of things that include dancing, swimming, snorkeling, and enjoying a delicious meals on board.

Here are just some of the Puerto Vallarta tour cruises that you might want to consider for your Mexico vacation:

Rhythms of the Night Tour Cruise

Marigalante Nigth Tour

Romance is awaiting on the Rhythms of the Night boat tour cruise. This is an excellent Puerto Vallarta tour cruise for newlyweds, couples, and even groups of friends or family. This boat tour cruise starts off by showing you Puerto Vallarta’s beautiful coastline, then you will be taken to the cove of Las Caletas where Hollywood director, John Huston, once lived. However, the famed Puerto Vallarta boat tour is more about the destination than the cruise itself although drinking, snacks and fun begin while you are on the catamaran en route to La Caletas. The highlight of the night is the prehispanic theatrical performance that awaits you in the jungle when you arrive, followed by a delicious meal on the beach lit by candles and surrounded by lush forest. This is a romantic Puerto Vallarta tour that is ideal for couples.

Marigalante Puerto Vallarta Tour Cruise

Calling all pirate lovers! The Marigalante pirate ship offers a tour cruise aimed at those looking for an argggh-mazing time in Puerto Vallarta. This boat tour cruise upon a replica wooden spanish galleon is great for adults but also suitable for children. At night, the Marigalante pirate tour cruise provides singing, dancing, and pirate acrobatics followed by fireworks, dancing and a diner. You will be treated to a gourmet dinner besides as many beers and cocktails you can stomach. Be prepared to get involved, however, because the pirates will ask you to sing and dance with them on this unique and special Puerto Vallarta tour cruise. The Marigalante pirate ship also tailors a day cruise for all the family if you would like to take your children in search of buried treasure, water sports, games and dancing.

Princess Sunset Cruise Boat Tour

The Princess Sunset Cruise Boat Tour is a romantic tour that is approximately over two hours long. This is an evening Puerto Vallarta cruise that you can sit back and see the bay with the stars and the moonlight. Enjoy a drink along with snacks while you watch the sun set slowly over Banderas Bay and then go to the lower deck where there is music and dancing waiting for you and your party. This sunset cruise Puerto Vallarta tour cruise is an excellent way to end your night on the bay.

Las Marietas Boat Tour Cruise

The Las Marietas boat tour cruise is one of the gems of Puerto Vallarta’s top activities. On this Puerto Vallarta tour cruise, you will visit the Marietas Islands which is famed for its hidden beach and blue-footed boobies (birds). The Las Marietas boat tour cruise is a day tour that is perfect for everyone. You will enjoy music, dancing, and an open bar with lunch. While you are enjoying your lunch look out to the ocean, because you will probably see dolphins and manta rays swimming besides the cruise ship. There may also be humpback whales during the whale watching season from November through April. The views are breathtaking. When the ship has arrived at the islands, then you can go for a quick swim through the cave to find the hidden beach where the sands are white and the waters are clear. The guides will even tell you where the best snorkeling is. There is so many fun water activities to do on this boat tour cruise that you and your family will have a blast!

Las Animas Boat Tour Cruise

The Las Animas boat tour cruise is one of the longest running cruises in Puerto Vallarta. The Puerto Vallarta tour cruise will take you to the underwater national park at Los Arcos, then to the Las Animas beach. The boat tour cruise also has live entertainment provided by local musicians where you can dance and enjoy some drinks. Snorkeling at the Los Arcos underwater national park is fun and exciting. One of the qualified instructors will help you be fitted into a lifejacket and show you how to put on your snorkel gear before you go on a snorkeling adventure around the rock formation. Snorkeling doesn’t mark the end of this Puerto Vallarta tour cruise, because your next stop will be at the Las Animas beach where kayaking, swimming, and volleyball is on the menu. When you are done at the beach, head back aboard the boat for more dancing and karaoke. This is a great Puerto Vallarta tour cruise which guarantees an incredible time.