There are many reasons why when are living our ordinary lives at home we just don’t feel like having sex, but we sure do think about it. Working late nights and overtime, dealing with the kids, and stress just gets in the way of being romantic, and why we don’t get enough sex. So, why does it seem when we go on vacation to beautiful Mexico, and we are away from our home we have more sex? Here are a few reasons why:

  1. The Sunny Climate

The sunny climate provides us with one of the most important vitamins for our sex drive, Vitamin D. Vitamin D enhances the sex hormones, and makes us in a better mood. It is no secret that when you take a vacation to Mexico the hot, sunny climate will increase your romantic mood, and get you in the mood to have sex. Another bonus of vacationing in Mexico is everyone is wearing less clothing, because of the hot, sunny climate. You are showing more skin and flesh, and this entices both sexes to get in the mood and have sex.

  1. Kid Free

All parents need time to be alone, no matter how much you love your children. Children can damper the romance mood in just a second. When you take a vacation to Mexico without your children you will be kid free, and you will be able to get back in the romance mood. When you get off the plane, walk into your Mexico hotel room, and all you can hear is the sound of you and your partner’s voice, then you can immediately focus your attention to your partner. This gives you time to get back together, and have all the sex you want, because your kids won’t be interfering. Make up for all the sex you lost when you vacation in Mexico.

  1. Enjoy Alcohol

Nothing will help you feel relaxed and in the mood for sex on your vacation to Mexico than enjoying a few cocktails. Try tequila or some margaritas, and leave all your troubles behind you. You will be surprised that alcohol will boost your confidence and get you in the mood. When you want to be sexy, have a little “dutch courage!” Just a couple of drinks will get you ready to flirt with someone that you are attracted to. If you are a couple, then you can both start getting relaxed and in the mood together. If you are single, then you may find you have more confidence to talk to someone and start a vacation romance in Mexico.

  1. Mexico – A Foreign Country

Mexico will be totally different than you are used to, because it is a foreign country. This will allow you to be carefree, relaxed, and have fun. Couples can get romance back that they have lost, and you will immediately feel sexy and wanted. Single individuals will be able to meet fun people, and even enjoy sex without the guilt. What happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico!

  1. New, Exciting People

At home, you probably meet the same people all the time when you go out. Everyone is doing the same thing, having the same goals, and this can be boring, especially if you are dating, but when you are in Mexico on your vacation, then you will be connected to new, exciting people. There will be people from all over the world that you can meet, and the great thing is you will be able to engage in a conversation about their life and culture. Being around so many exciting and new people will increase your chances of engaging in sex with someone really interesting.