How Timeshare Affects Local Communities

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Some individuals love timeshares and other individuals think that the timeshare industry is nothing but a scam. There are many things that can be said about the timeshare industry, but there is one thing that can’t be denied about the timeshare industry and that is the timeshare industry impacts the local community where the timeshare is located in a positive manner. Benefits and perks come with the timeshare industry. Many people are very surprised to know how timeshare affects the local communities and it goes way above the traditional ways such as hotels and tourism.

Below are some of the ways on how timeshares affect local communities:

Repeat Tourism is Encouraged

One of the top ways that a timeshare affects local communities is the repeat tourism is encouraged, and this promotes an economy that is stable. It is easy to forecast the destination necessities with the services and infrastructure that is seen.

Added Jobs in the Local Community

A timeshare will provide added jobs in the community. The jobs will be of all levels, which include construction workers, architects, executives, sales people, and so much more.

Local Economy Tax Generation

When tourists and visitors are spending money in the community, then this will generate taxes that will benefit the local economy. Infrastructure will begin to improve, services will be impacted in a positive way, and the tax generation will go back into the local economy. The tax generation with the local economy will extend to VAT along with income tax from the people that is working in the timeshare industry.

The Destination is Promoted by Visitors

When someone purchases a timeshare they have the feeling that now they actually belong, and they will then start promoting the destination to coworkers, friends, and family members. The destination where the timeshare is located will be raised and this will bring more visitors to the area even if they are not purchasing a timeshare. 

Timeshare Owners are Staying Longer

Usually, the timeshare owners are choosing to stay longer at their timeshare, which will bring added money spent in the community.

Higher Income with Higher Purchasing Ability

When a person decides to purchase a timeshare they will need to provide proof of their income and they must have a higher level of income to qualify for the timeshare purchase, which means the timeshare destination will benefit from the timeshare owners as they have the money and purchasing power that will be spend at restaurants, shops and boutiques, and local services in the community.

Traditional Hotels and Timeshares Complement Each Other

Most of the hotels tend to attract guests that don’t generally visit the hotel more than one or two times. The people that return to the destination are staying at their timeshare and these are not the same people that the traditional hotels will target. The traditional hotels and timeshares actually complement each other instead of competing.

More Money Spent in the Local Community

Some of the timeshares are not an all-inclusive timeshare, but many of the timeshares do provide an all-inclusive option. This means that the visitors will spend more money in the local community at the restaurants and the local stores. 

Consistent Level of Occupancy

Timeshares actually contribute to a consistent level of occupancy within the community. The timeshares will complement other areas of the tourism industry, which include local trading, travel agencies, auto rentals, and restaurants.

A timeshare will provide a positive impact on the local community. It is clear on how timeshares affects local communities too.

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How Timeshare Affects Local Communities
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