How to Decide if a Mexico Timeshare Presentation is Right for You

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How to Decide if a Mexico Timeshare Presentation is Right for You

You have probably been invited to attend a timeshare presentation if you have been on vacation in Mexico recently. Many of the timeshare presentations will entice you with free meals and dining or activity tickets so you will attend the timeshare presentation. Is attending a timeshare presentation a waste of your time? Do you wonder how to decide if a Mexico timeshare presentation is right for you? Continue to read below to find out.

What exactly is a timeshare?

 If you are not familiar with timeshares and you want to know what they are, then you are in the right place. A timeshare is a financial arrangement and investment where people will use a certain property for a set time each year. The set time each year is generally one or two weeks, all depending upon the timeshare contract and arrangement. If the timeshare arrangement is part of a hotel chain or resort group, then many times you will have the ability to use your set week times at other locations. When you decide to move forward with a timeshare purchase, you will be required to place a large investment down. This will be the first step to becoming a timeshare owner. Many individuals are very happy with their timeshare investment, while others believe that timeshare ownership is not a good investment. Along with the initial investment down payment, you will be required to pay monthly maintenance fees according to the details of your timeshare contract. The maintenance fees will go towards keeping the property in good operating condition. Despite these few downsides, there are pros that some timeshare companies offer such as giving hotel stays for free, free tickets for activities, free entertainment event tickets, and special dining promotions at gourmet restaurants. All of these attractive promotions are given in hopes that the people will ultimately purchase a timeshare membership. The main question is, should you spend your time attending a timeshare presentation?

What are the downside of attending timeshare presentations?  

You should consider the downsides before you attend a timeshare presentation. Does it seem too good to be true? It probably is. To get people to attend a timeshare presentation you will be offered unbelievable deals, which include free tickets or a free trip, but you have to attend the timeshare presentation that will last approximately an hour and a half. There are some timeshare presentations that will require you to take a tour of the resort once the presentation ends. To be considered for a timeshare package purchase only certain people are eligible. Many resorts and timeshare companies will want you to be at least twenty-five to thirty years old and you must also have a good income. Along with these requirements your relationship status is sometimes considered as well. Most timeshare companies prefer married couples or couples that have been in their relationship for a long time.

The sales pitch is very aggressive!  

Many people believe that it is worth the time to attend the timeshare presentation so they can get free tickets and trips, and usually these people have no intentions of purchasing a timeshare membership. When you are going to attend a timeshare presentation you should prepare yourself for aggressive salespeople and their tactics, because they have been trained to get you to purchase a timeshare membership. The salespeople will use a variety of tactics, because they have a sale to make. To wear down your will power they may even keep you longer than the time that was set forth. These salespeople will create urgency so that if you don’t purchase the timeshare now, you won’t be able to later. Any doubt or question that you may have, they will likely have an answer for. If the salesperson feels like they cannot convince you in purchasing the timeshare, they sometimes will pass you on to  another salesperson in an attempt to close the sale for them.

Not every timeshare presentation or company uses these types of sales tactics. There are good and bad timeshare companies out there. The chances that you attend this type of timeshare presentation is rare, but if it does occur you will be prepared. The bottom line is if you accept free gifts and offers from a timeshare presentation and you think there are no strings attached during this, then you better think again.

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