Inventive Scams You Won’t Believe

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There are different ways that you can avoid from being a victim of scamming. On this website we provide the ways to avoid being scammed and the main focus is on timeshares and vacation clubs, but we are also proving many other popular scams within this article so that innocent people can see how the mind of a scammer actually operations. Lately, scammers have come up with inventive scams.

Here are the top inventive scams you just won’t believe are true: 

  1. Romantic Online Relationship Scams

An intense romantic online relationship will begin, and this will usually start on a dating site or in a chat room. Many times this scam will occur in person. The romantic online relationship has a similar pattern. You will get to know the person online, then you start chatting and emailing one another, then texting. You keep asking the person to do a video call, but there is always a reason why this can’t happen, but plans are made for the two of you to meet. Every time that you make plans for meeting something arises such as a family death or illness and this will require money that they ask you for and you send it. You continue sending the money, but you never meet the person and never will.

There have actually been marriages scams happening too. The scammer will marry with only one goal in mind, which is scamming them out of their money, and some of the partners have even been killed. These are terrible online scams.

  1. Sextortion Video Scam

The sextortion video scam is a sex act that happens during a video call and recorded. The victim is threatened with the video as the scammer says they will send the video to family members if you don’t pay them a specific amount of money. This is a scary and traumatic scam for victims, and for people who live in a conservative community or a business owner it could ruin them.

  1. Unclaimed Inheritance Scam

In the past few years this popular scam has been occurring. The victim will receive an email that claims they have an unclaimed inheritance. The contact explains that they can get the inheritance released for a fee that must be paid upfront, which the victim does. Sometimes the scammer has a story that they share in the email saying they actually have an inheritance that needs released and if you give them the money they will share the inheritance with you, but that never happens.

  1. Treatment for Sick Children

You run across a message asking people for donations to help them with treatment for sick children. This usually occurs on social media. Many people including yourself send the money to find out later that this was a scam. Sadly, this scam actually hurts genuine crowdfunding campaigns.

  1. Free Pet Adoptions

You receive a message for free adoptions for the cutest pets. You don’t have to pay to adopt the pets, but you do have to pay for the delivery. You choose your pet and pay for the delivery and the pet never arrives as you have been scammed.

  1. The Extreme Death Threat Scam

The extreme scam is the hitmen scam and this is a serious, scary, and stressful scam too. You are contacted by the scammer or hitmen and you are told that you have to pay money or you or your family member will be killed. You are prepared to pay the money and even more money so the hitmen will not kill you or your family member.

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