It’s July already, can you believe it? We are already halfway through 2019, which is hard to believe, but time doesn’t stop. Do you really want it to stop? In Puerto Vallarta, summer is on the horizon, which means hotter temperatures, increased humidity, and the summer rainy season inPuerto Vallarta so badly needs after the dry seasons of winter and spring. Any day now the serious rain is expected to start, which the flora and vegetation needs. The lush jungle views and the green hills will come alive again thanks to the refreshing rain that the summer months bring. Continue to read below to learn about the Puerto Vallarta rainy summer season and benefits to appreciate.

Vegetation is Rejuvenated and Refreshed

One of the top benefits of the rainy season is the entire area needs hydrating. Most of the plants have been dormant trying to reserve what little water they can extract from their rooting system. Puerto Vallarta will once again be green and vibrant in no time at all from the summer rains and storms. The landscaping views will be extra picture perfect. Visitors can go on one of the numerous trails early in the morning and take in the natural beauty here. The El Salto Waterfall and swimming hole is a small hike from downtown Puerto Vallarta, and it is the perfect place for a day of swimming and outdoor adventures.

Thunder and Lightning Storms in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta has some of the most amazing thunder and lightning storms in Mexico. The Banderas Bay at night is when you can see some breathtaking beautiful lightning storms as they light up the sky like fireworks. Mother Nature is hard at work providing these amazing lightning storms. A perfect place to watch the lightning storms is at one of the numerous beachfront restaurants. The Blanca Blue Restaurant at the Garza Blanca Resort, which is located just south of Puerto Vallarta is perfect for watching the summer storms. You can have a delicious meal while drinking a glass of champagne while taking in the beauty. When you go to watch the lightning storms, you will want to bring your camera with you so you can show everyone what they are missing.

Low Season in Puerto Vallarta

The summer rainy season in Puerto Vallarta is also the low season for tourists.  November through February (the winter months) is the peak season in Puerto Vallarta along with Spring Break and Semana Santa, but low season has benefits for visitors and residents as well. Puerto Vallarta will be less crowded and more laid back, which many visitors enjoy. You won’t have big crowds and long lines to deal with while you are visiting PV during the rainy season. However, some of the restaurants and businesses in Puerto Vallarta close up shop for a few weeks or months during the rainy season, but there will still be plenty of places open for you to enjoy at your own pace.

Let it Rain! PV’s rainy season has arrived. Refreshing renewal has arrived for Puerto Vallarta’s vegetation and rivers. While you are visiting during the rainy season, you will not want to miss the thunderstorms and lightning spectacles that are quite impressive. It’s a sight to see. In Puerto Vallarta during the summertime, it is rainy season. You can make the most of it when you visit during this time.