The Los Arcos in Puerto Vallarta really make the already beautiful skyline of Banderas Bay totally unique. When you look inland you will find yourself awed by the imposing mountains and jungles as well as the illuminated tower of the Church of Guadalupe. Seaward lies the perfectly shaped horseshoe of Banderas Bay. But it is the towering figures of the Los Arcos rock formations that really make the view memorable in Puerto Vallarta.

These rocky islets can be found when you drive southward from Puerto Vallarta. It’s pretty difficult to miss the beauty of the tropical landscapes you’ll see on your way: sweeping vistas, sparkling aquamarine waters, and of course the Los Arcos formations themselves. These rock formations are a huge attraction to tourists and locals alike!

Los Arcos In Puerto Vallarta or Los Arcos de Mismaloya 

The Los Arcos in Puerto Vallarta as also known as Los Arcos de de Mismaloya. These beautiful islets have been classified as a natural reserve and National Marine Wildlife Park since 1984 due to the unique and fragile ecosystem they support. Here you can see exotic birds, fish of all sizes and types, and other miscellaneous marine wildlife. The Los Arcos islets lie just off the coast of the Garza Blanca Preserve and boast an impressive series of caves, tunnels, arches, and reefs which make for excellent swimming, snorkelling and diving grounds!

People come from all over to see these wonders of geology, and there are plenty of excursions, tours, and activities to keep any visitors happy! If you’re lucky enough to be staying on the Garza Blanca Preserve, however, you will most likely be able to see the Los Arcos formations from your rooms! In addition to this the resort offers great opportunities to visit the islets via paddle board or kayak free of charge! The professional guide will be able to tell you all about the unique habitat that the Los Arcos de Mismaloya provide, and about the large schools of fish that you can see in the waters around the islets!

Whether you admire the islands from far away, or get up close and personal in unique Garza Blanca fashion you can be sure that the memories you take away will last you a lifetime.