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Just as there are many different kinds of people in this world, so too are there different kinds of vacation clubs and timeshare providers which cater to the plethora of vacation needs that are found today. Flexibility, for many, is absolutely key, and this is where points based systems come up trump.

Timeshare points Basics

Timeshare points Basics

Most timeshare points based systems will run on a system of pre-decided yearly allocation (this meaning that you pay for a set amount which is given out annually), and will allow you to save or borrow points to some degree.

Customized Timeshare and Vacation Ownership

The biggest benefit of timeshare points based membership systems is the level of customization they bring to the traditional timeshare system. Providers have begun to realize that not everyone is content to vacation in the same place, same suite, and at the same time each year, and so such memberships allow members to stay in any of the resorts operated or owned by the provider. Members can also change when they vacation, in another twist on the traditional style.

More Timeshare Points, More Flexibility

When you buy into such a vacation club you are essentially buying timeshare points rather than space, and these points can be used to build your dream vacation much like Lego blocks. Just as with Lego, it is generally the case that more points open up more options so you should first think about what you would like and consult a points chart before deciding how many you would like to buy per year. You can gain access to yet more options and variety by joining certain exchange programs in tandem with your membership, so think about if this is something you’d be interested in, too.

Having so many options can be a little overwhelming for some people, though, and we’re on hand to help. The best way to make it easier is to gain knowledge and understanding of the system in question. Add your question to the comments box and I will see if I can help.

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