Mexican Timeshare Scams

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First and foremost, we want to note the immense work that the federal and state governments of Mexico have put into protecting consumers over the last decade or so against Mexican timeshare scam. Because of these efforts the consumer is more protected than ever in Mexico!

Furthermore, we feel it’s worth repeating here that a genuine timeshare is not a scam but an investment in future family vacations; when you buy a real timeshare, it can be truly wonderful. The only problem is that scammers will seek to find opportunity wherever they can. Thus it is key to be able to recognize warning signs so that you can sidestep Mexican timeshare scams!

How to Avoid Mexican Timeshare Scams

We can help you to avoid timeshare scammers in Mexico with a few easy hints and tips:


Buy timeshare companies in Mexico with a long track record

Only buy from Mexican timeshare providers with a long history and good reputation if you want to be 100% certain that you’re not being scammed!

Can you verify who they are?

If you are tempted by a newer provide be sure to do a thorough internet search for them. If you can’t find anything at all then it’s likely you’re being targeted by fly-by-night scammers and you should be very wary. In this case, no news is bad news. Even complaints are better than no news at all when rooting out a Mexican timeshare scam.

Over the top gifts

It’s common for timeshare providers to incentivize potential clients with gifts and discounts, but if the gift is very extravagant and pushed as “no strings attached” (in short, if it seems too good to be true) it could be bait to lure you into a scam. Be wary! Mexican timeshare scams have been know to offer amazing, over the top products in exchange for your presence at a timeshare presentation. Take expensive gifts as a warning sign. Most genuine companies will offer discounts or gifts that are not so costly to the company but save you money.

Don’t buy from photos

You must always see the property and/or resort in person before you buy anything! Never buy based on a sales pitch and a brochure, and if you’re buying pre-sale make sure its from an established, well-known company, and that you’re in their sales office before you sign anything.


See contracts in writing in your mother tongue

If you can’t personally read the contract, don’t sign it! In Mexico most contracts will be in Spanish with an English translation. Ask for an official translation if the contract if you must, but never sign something you cannot read. How do you know if you have fallen into a Mexican timeshare scam or made a genuine error of judgement if you have not read your contract?

Do your research into complaints about the timeshare company

Searching for complaints about the Mexican timeshare company will let you test a company in two ways. Firstly, you’ll see what their internet presence is like; do the complaints outweigh the good reviews? Are there any good reviews? Secondly, it will let you see how they respond to criticism. A positive response to complaints is much better than finding only positive reviews as this is a sign of a real and genuine company. You can’t please all of the people all of the time.

Verbal promises

If your sales rep promises anything specific, get it in writing! Broken promises make up the biggest reason for complaints about even the most popular and honest of timeshare providers. If something is not written into your contract, you cannot claim it later. It will be your word against the timeshare company.

So, how would you suggest we avoid Mexican timeshare scams? Let us know in the comments below!

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