Mexico Timeshare SOS! Nightmares to Beware

Mexico Timeshare SOS! Nightmares to Beware

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It’s time for someone to be truly honest about the timeshare industry. We are always reading about timeshare scams, vacation club fraud and all the rest of it, but what are the real dangers you face when purchasing a timeshare?

Here we provide a cut-throat list of the dangers of buying a timeshare in Mexico. Don’t be surprised if you find your mouth gaping in surprise.

Mexico Timeshares Nightmares


No-one likes packing. You can’t deny that deciding what you are going to take on a week’s vacation to Mexico can be taxing on the brain, especially if you are bringing your kids too. Save yourself the trouble and avoid investing in a timeshare.

Frozen or on the Rocks?

Big decisions have to be made while visiting your Mexico timeshare. Will you have your margarita frozen or on the rocks? Then, there are those even trickier decisions when the waiter asks you if you want a mango, tamarind or strawberry margarita, when you ask yourself: I thought a margarita was made with lime? Nightmare!!

Jealousy from Friends

Having to hide your photographs of your Mexico timeshare vacation from your friends to avoid their jealous comments can be tough. Some people avoid the nightmare altogether and invite their friends to join them to avoid any vacation-envy.

Uneven tan lines

This nightmare is not limited to Mexico timeshare but vacations in general. Sunbathing in public means that you will have tan lines to deal with. The trick is to make sure they are not wonky.

Too much smiling

Having a good time and smiling in the sunshine could make your wrinkles appear worse. Be sure to spend out on a decent face sunscreen to avoid this Mexico timeshare nightmare.

Making new friends

It’s hard enough keeping in touch with your old friends and family members. When you buy a Mexico timeshare, you are sure to make more friends each time you arrive to your home resort. That means more time wasted on Facebook keeping in touch with everyone.

Everyone wants to come with you

Once your family find out that you have bought a Mexico timeshare, they are all going to want to come with you. To avoid this timeshare nightmare, get them to attend a presentation so that they buy their own.

What is your experience of Mexico timeshare? Add your comments here.

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Mexico Timeshare SOS! Nightmares to Beware
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