Have you personally encountered or have family and friends who have encountered the salespeople promoting their vacation resorts when you arrive at the airport? This is a common occurrence at any tourist location, and at the Puerto Vallarta airport it is no different. Another name for these timeshare promoters is OPC (Outside Public Contact). The OPCs at Puerto Vallarta airport are eager to promote their resorts before you exit the airport.

There are many benefits that vacation clubs can provide for you, and although some of the timeshare companies get a bad rap, you shouldn’t write off these hardworking salespeople at the Puerto Vallarta airport, because you may be quite surprised at what they can offer you, so give them a few minutes of your time.

OPCs at Puerto Vallarta Airport

OPCs at Puerto Vallarta Airport

You may not want to deal with any timeshare salesperson when you get off the plane, but the OPCs at Puerto Vallarta airport may be able to provide you with a great opportunity. Don’t forget that only the best OPCs are selected to operated in Puerto Vallarta airport. The timeshare promoters that work in the airport have all the necessary credentials and reputation to work at the airport where security is valued and important. The OPCs are positioned in the airport, so they will be your first contact when you leave the plane and are expected to leave you with a pleasant impression of Puerto Vallarta with a  professional demeanor.

Don’t want to buy timeshare? Why speak to an OPC?

The Opcs at Puerto Vallarta airport can assist you on many aspects of your vacation, like a one stop concierge. They can answer any number of questions about Puerto Vallarta and offer you some sound advice. OPCs can provide you with tips on the least crowded beaches, where to eat, what reservations to make, buying tequila, and anything that they can accommodate you with.

What can your OPC offer you?

You may be surprised by what the OPCs at Puerto Vallarta airport can offer you, but one of the most helpful things they will help you with is transportation from the airport to your hotel. They will get you a taxicab, so you don’t have to haggle with prices, which is a major assistance in Puerto Vallarta. You won’t have to get on the local bus and drag your luggage around with you. They can even offer you discounted tours, which include whale watching tours, fishing tours, sunset sailing tours, spa treatments, and just about anything to make your vacation even better!

Attending a Presentation at the Resort

Part of the deal with the OPCs is that you must agree to attend a timeshare presentation at their resort in exchange for any discounts or services. The idea is that you purchase a vacation club but even if you don’t your gifts still stand as long as you stay for the full presentation. The presentation at the resort is around a couple of hours, but the OPCs at Puerto Vallarta airport will make sure this process is headache free for you. Another bonus is you will get to enjoy breakfast at a beautiful resort, then you will be taken on a personal tour and all the features and benefits of the resort. At the end of the presentation you will walk away with amenities too.