An Explanation of Vacation Ownership

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People frequently seek me out to explain the different types of vacation ownership options on the market. These inquiries have compelled me to compile a brief explanation of the different types of timeshare ownership models available so you can make … Continued

Hotel Mousai Review

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Mexico’s friendliest beach destination, Puerto Vallarta, just got chic, trendy, and a whole lot more glamorous. Garza Blanca Residence Club opened its newest property, Hotel Mousai at Garza Blanca Preserve in December 2014 and it’s been blowing minds ever since. … Continued

Los Arcos in Puerto Vallarta

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The Los Arcos in Puerto Vallarta really make the already beautiful skyline of Banderas Bay totally unique. When you look inland you will find yourself awed by the imposing mountains and jungles as well as the illuminated tower of the … Continued

Puerto Vallarta’s Los Arcos

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The skyline of Puerto Vallarta is unique and memorable for many reasons; the imposing mountain-scapes accentuate the perfect horseshoe shape of Banderas Bay. As the sun sets over the Pacific Ocean every evening, and the tower of the Church of … Continued