Timeshare Scam Telltale Signs

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Most of timeshare companies are truly genuine. There are many timeshare companies offering amazing services that are an exceptional value and allows for members to stay in only the best locations worldwide with the highest quality of services. Believe it … Continued

How the TAFER Group Began

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The Tafer Group is one of the most prestigious, successful, and reliable timeshare and vacation accommodation providers in Mexico. Together with their partners in the Villa Group they have enjoyed upwards of thirty years of experience in the business, and … Continued

Phone Phishing Scams

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Phone phishing scams are more and more prevalent these days. This scam happens when you receive unsolicited phone calls from scammers who try to encourage you to share your personal details, such as your bank card, credit card or bank … Continued

New Scams

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Each year, people complain to the various authorities about new scams that have come to haunt the unsuspecting consumer or website user. Some of these new scams even include our favorite social media sites. The more technology advances, the more … Continued