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Winter is over and the nicest way to start the summer is by having that great tropical vacation.  Doing it somewhere in Mexico or within the Caribbean will make it really awesome with a line of fabulous beaches and great sceneries for you to enjoy.  Since it’s also the “off” season, you can get lower rates on plane fares and resort prices.  It’s time for real family bonding as the classes are off, and work slows down a bit.

One important thing to bear in mind is that summer coincides with the hurricane season of the Atlantic and Pacific area.  This howling nature’s wrath is expected to hit during the months of June to August and known to have its peak from August to October.  So safety measures must be in place to ensure everyone’s protection against this notorious vacation spoiler.

Everything comes cheap during the hurricane season and travelers are tempted to take advantage.  Prices of resorts, cruises and flights are down to lure vacationers.  If ever you plan on taking it, here are 6 pieces of advice when traveling during the hurricane season.

  1. Choose a resort that offers a cancellation option

When choosing a resort or hotel to stay at, ask if they have cancellation options which are commonly addressed to as “hurricane guarantees.”  You can get reimbursement if ever hurricane strikes and evacuation become mandatory.  This hurricane guarantee assures you of a completed vacation and let you get value for your money.   Inquire before plunging into a deal or get yourself some insurance to cover such events.

Most airline companies too can change your flight schedule without charging any fees.  If flying is a high risk, they’ll probably re-book your flight within a specified period of time.

  1. When a hurricane is about to strike, abandon your vacation

It’s unfortunate when a hurricane strikes and you’re just halfway through a pleasurable vacation.  There’s not a thing you can do but leave for your safety.  Learning the details of your lodging contract and flights lets you know your options in effectively getting out.  You might feel sad for you haven’t fully maximize your time, but be thankful for being well and alive after a hurricane attack. If there is no way to get home, follow the instructions of the hotel staff and be alert for any up dates and information.

  1. Buy travel insurance

Here’s one beneficial thing to do before traveling, it’s getting travel insurance.  If your target place for a vacation is totally ravaged then your travel insurance can give you back whatever you’ve paid so you can book somewhere else.  A good travel insurance can even give a money back option if the damage to the place is not that big.  Pick a reputable insurance company who offers a wider coverage on their travel insurance contracts.

  1. Plan beforehand for emergency situations

A good plan can play an important factor in any emergency situation. Take the following advice as a guide:

  • Have a simple travel medical portfolio that can give information on medical conditions of those traveling with you.
  • Carry a basic travel medical kit. It can help a lot for simple ailments like cough,colds and diarrhea.It’s better to be armed with such medical aids.  But always the best thing to do is to keep away from a damaging hurricane.
  • Follow whatever advice authorities give like what happened when Hurricane Sandy struck in 2012. They ordered a mass evacuation for people staying along the Atlantic’s eastern shores for safety purposes.
  1. Keep a close watch on the weather situation

The best way to fight a hurricane is to avoid it.  The weather can give clues if a hurricane is about to strike.  Be sensitive to some uncommon activities within your place like big waves and strong winds.  Keep in touch with the daily news so you can get updated information concerning your surroundings.  The National Weather Service safeguards your well being and warnings coming from them must be taken seriously.  You arrived here standing and make sure you won’t go home lying down.  So stay alive and kicking.

  1. Map out an alternative plan.

With the right travel insurance, you can cancel your trip when you know that a hurricane is on track for your vacation destination.  Have another travel destination in mind, just in case.