Licenciado Gustavo Diaz Ordaz International Airport is the formal name for the airport in Puerto Vallarta, PVR. The Puerto Vallarta International airport is modern and has excellent links to other airports in Mexico as well as the United States, Canada and some to Europe. Since the first flights landed there in 1945 Puerto Vallarta has become a world class vacation hub and is one of the top 10 busiest airports in Mexico.

Don’t worry, though; your visit to the Puerto Vallarta International airport doesn’t have to be hectic or frenzied as it is easy to get around and very user friendly. All flights are dealt with quickly and efficiently and, even better, you don’t have to carry your bags far to get where you need to go!

Set on two levels the Puerto Vallarta International airport keeps things simple; the lower levels hosts check-in at one side and arrivals at the other. On this level you will also find small shops, coffee shops and a bureau de change. Domestic and international arrivals are nicely separated and, as such, provide good meeting spots.

On the second floor you’ll find a few more restaurants, stores, Starbucks and the security area. Security is usually very quick and is very close to the departure gates, so you won’t have to run to make your flight, even if you cut it fine. Once you pass security, you’ll be able to browse Duty Free before passing through to hall A (National flights) or B (International flights).

While on your incoming flight to Puerto Vallarta International airport you should be given by the flight attendants, an immigration form to complete with all your relevant details. On this important form you should write down your length of stay and where you will be staying; the immigration worker will collect this form you when you arrive. Your passport will receive a stamp, and you will be given a small exit slip. It is imperative that you do not misley this slip; keep it with your passport and plane tickets as you’ll need it when you depart Mexico. If you don’t have it you may incur a fine.

Before leaving Puerto Vallarta International airport and you pass through customs, you’ll be asked to press a button that shows a green or red light; if it’s green you can go, if red then your suitcase will be searched. Don’t panic; these searches are random and, if you have declared everything, you have nothing to fear. To find out just what needs declared check the customs form.