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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is an ideal choice for a timeshare investment. You will be astounded by the range of timeshare products on offer in this Pacific Coast vacation destination in Mexico. For this reason and more Puerto Vallarta, Mexico timeshare has positioned itself as a world leader in vacation ownership. For those who already know Puerto Vallarta, it is easy to see why the beach destination has become so popular with timeshare fans, as I will explore below.

Getting to and From your Mexico Timeshare

The accessibility of Puerto Vallarta’s international airport makes Puerto Vallarta, Mexico timeshare a pleasure. If you are arriving from the United States or Canada, you will find plenty of cheap airfares and many direct flights from most major cities and airline hubs.

Best Beaches in Mexico

Timeshare in Mexico is all about beach and sunshine. The majority of people who purchase Puerto Vallarta, Mexico timeshare are looking to spend leisurely vacations on the beach. Puerto Vallarta is famed for its variety of beaches, with many hidden beach coves that can only be reached by boat, long sweeping sandy coastlines, places to surf and great certified family beaches like Garza Blanca Beach or the beach in front of the hotel zone.

Gourmet Dining and Cheap Eats

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico timeshare owners are looking for variety, and that’s just what Puerto Vallarta has on the menu. You will discover new places to dine every time you arrive, with key areas such as the Old Town, The Marina, Fluvial, and the center full of great restaurants, many considered fine dining venues. On the south road, you will also discover a number of wonderful gourmet restaurants such as Vista Grill, Blanca Blue, BocaDos STK and Hiroshi. Puerto Vallarta also has some great cheaper Mexican restaurants for all the family.

Top Timeshare Resorts

One of the key reasons why Puerto Vallarta, Mexico timeshare is so popular worldwide is thanks to the quality of the timeshare resorts that are available for residence club membership and fixed week timeshares. Puerto Vallarta is a prime spot for the best timeshare resorts in Mexico and continues to hold its top position as one of the best Mexico timeshare destinations.

Great Activities for Timeshare Faithfuls

When Puerto Vallarta is your timeshare home base you will want to return year after year to try all the different activities that make Puerto Vallarta the perfect Pacific Playground. There’s golf, sport fishing, luxury yacht charters, whale watching, ziplines, horseback riding, snorkeling, scuba diving and certifications, swimming with the dolphins, a pirate ship show, banana boats, parasailing, skydiving and much much more. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico timeshare just opens up a whole new world of experiences.

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