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We know that you want your honeymoon to be the most romantic, idyllic and fun-filled vacation of your life. We also know that there are very few things you can do that will be more romantic than spending some quality time with your spouse at one of Puerto Vallarta’s waterfalls. The whole of Banderas Bay, Mexico is peppered with them, but there are three in particular near Puerto Vallarta that we would recommend you visit!

Waterfalls in Mexico’s Puerto Vallarta

The Price is Right

One of the most convenient waterfall is within the city itself, but is only accessible if you’re staying in the Garza Blanca Resort & Spa. The resort sits within its own swathe of land which is known as the Garza Blanca Preserve, and the Preserve has a beautiful, winding river and a stunning waterfall encompassed within its bounds. There are plenty of guided tours which will take you up to the waterfall and around the surrounding areas, but if you wish to make your own way you can do so. There are also some rivers nearby which have cascading areas.

Waterfalls in Yelapa

Another two great waterfalls can be found in Yelapa. This town is tiny, having only 500 inhabitants, and is also the southernmost town on the shore of the Bay of Banderas. The first waterfall is just behind the town, and the 150 foot path that leads to its base offers a stunning view of the town itself (as well as the glittering sea). When you get to the base you can take a quick dip and get those perfect honeymoon snaps before enjoying a bite to eat in the nearby restaurant. What could be better than a romantic dinner with a view of the waterfall.

If you’d rather have a bit more privacy and you’re not averse to a gentle hike then you can head an hour and a half outside of Yelapa to the second waterfall. The hike there is a gentle one, and it’s full of stunning scenery and sounds; you won’t need to worry about getting bored or overly tired on the journey. Once you get there you can sit on the shores with your spouse and simply enjoy the sound of the water crashing down before taking a dip in the cool waters and splashing around. If you pack a lunch you could even sit and enjoy a bite to eat in paradise.

Waterfall in Quimixto

There is another quaint fishing village boasting a lovely waterfall which you can visit walking or horseback riding. Puerto Vallarta offers a number of tours to reach this waterfall and there is a small snack bar when you arrive.

Hiking up to these waterfall falls will be one of the most memorable moments of your honeymoon, we’re sure, and there’s no better way to inject some serious romance into your vacations.