Reasons to Avoid Buying a Club Caribe Timeshare

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There are hidden dangers attached to having a Club Caribe timeshare, which are enough cause to make you think twice about buying one. Should you avoid Club Caribe timeshare? It might give you the vacations of your dreams; it may provide some of the best accommodations that you will every enjoy; it may provide the best memories for you and your family … but really, will it bring lasting happiness? Here are some reasons to avoid buying a Club Caribe timeshare.

Ultra Fabulous Vacations Can Backfire


Too much of a good thing is bad for you, right? Indulging in too much enjoyment during a fabulous vacation trip makes you tempted to vacation every year.  Club Caribe timeshare vacations can become addictive and can eat too much of your precious time and resources. Avoid falling into this trap – taking a vacation in a cold tent and cooking beans on a stove is just as attractive as a five star hotel and is character building too!

Club Caribe timeshare vacations are just  too hot to handle

Having fabulous vacations with great photos as evidence can make good friends turn into envious enemies.  Showing pictures of your great Cancun experiences or a gorgeous alpine mountain trip through an exchanged week using RCI can cause feelings of negativity even among the closest of your friends.  Do something extraordinary by inviting them over to a presentation of the Friends Referral program.  It’s one good thing you can do for them, and in the process earn a little out it.

Regular Vacations

A Club Caribe timeshare puts you in a situation where vacationing seems mandatory.  It offers no excuses, and if ever you can’t go, you can bank points, save them and go for a one time super special vacation the following year.  There will be no excuses to the kids when you purchase a Club Caribe timeshare – vacations become mandatory.

Club Caribe makes your other timeshares an embarrassment  

Comparisons are unavoidable once you’ve tried out Club Caribe timeshare vacations.  Because of it being so luxurious, your other timeshares will look like you have been short-changed.  Every time you go for a vacation, you won’t enjoy it fully as you dream of having it only with your Club Caribe timeshare.

You might have to use the Club Caribe gym

Once you go for a Club Caribe timeshare vacation, you’ll gain access and have a pleasurable time dining in gourmet restaurants.  Your taste preference can change dramatically and you’ll be used to eating cuisines that were once just a wish for you because of its price.  You won’t enjoy cooking at home again and would never appreciate any meal that you whip up yourself.  Not being able to eat the foods you desire can cause disappointment and big frustrations, taking a toll on your own personality. You may find that heading to the Club Caribe gym or joining some of the free exercise classes become a necessity.

Do you need more reasons that will convince you not to buy a Club Caribe timeshare?

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