Food lovers and gourmet gurus from around the globe will be showing their faces in various places in Puerto Vallarta this May 15th through the 31st. This is the time of the year when Puerto Vallarta hosts its annual Vallarta Lifestyle’s Restaurant Week. This year marks the 11th annual installment of the food fest, and promises to give you some of the best dishes from top restaurants in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit.

Vallarta’s Restaurant Week is actually a 17 day cultural food festival that first came to fruition in 2005. It initially started as a tourist event to get both vacationers and local residents interested in sampling foods from favorite restaurants in Puerto Vallarta. The success of the event has made Restaurant Week an annual festival that allows a host of restaurants to set up display and present some of their top courses. What makes Puerto Vallarta Restaurant Week even more appealing is the price reduction for participating in the festival. Customers get to enjoy discounts that are almost half the actual menu price for the offered samples. They can even get a 3-course meal and even desserts for $199 or $299 pesos.

If you are looking for a great event to share with friends or looking for a romantic night with your loved one, Restaurant Week  is a great activity to explore. Now can get a chance to try that restaurant you’ve always been wanting to try. Or, you can check out the restaurant list provided by Restaurant Week and sample ones you have never heard of. Either way it goes, you are sure to enjoy the incredible food and the remarkable prices at some of the most renown places to eat in Vallarta.

Vallarta Lifestyle’s Restaurant Week makes for a great vacation to Puerto Vallarta at this time of year. Many food critics and food lovers will be coming out to seize the opportunity to taste Vallarta’s most prized delicacies.