Save N Vacations: Scam or Legit?

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There is a lot of confusion about whether companies like Save N Vacations are legitimate companies or scams. The confusion occurs because these vacation telesales agents cold call you at home to offer unbeatable deals on vacation accommodation. Often these deal just seem too good to be true, which is why many people turn to the internet to see if Save N Vacation is a scam or legit.

The easy way to dispel the myth that Save N Vacations is a scam is to understand how the company can offer you such a cheap vacation package. Part of the reason people think that Save N Vacations is a scam is because the prices for all inclusive packages seem incredibly low. This post will try to reveal how Save N Vacations is able to provide you with such cheap package deals and to explore why Save N Vacations is not scam.

Your Money is Safe with Save N Vacations
The first reason that Save N Vacations is not a scam is that you receive what you pay for (well, actually you receive more than what you pay for). That is, your money is safe with Save N Vacations and you will be buying a genuine vacation package in Mexico. There have been no cases of fraud related to Save N Vacations, all cancellation policies and your consumer rights are clearly covered in the contract you sign to book your vacation.

Why is Save N Vacations so cheap? It must be a scam!
There are a couple of reasons why Save N Vacations can offer you the lowest prices for vacation packages. Firstly, Save N Vacations specialize in only two destination in Mexico: Puerto Vallarta and Cancun. This allows Save N Vacations agents to work closely with the best hotels to receive the lowest prices. More importantly, the reason that Save N Vacations is so cheap is also because you receive the discounts in exchange for your time at a sales presentation. In effect, you are enjoying a really cheap vacation package to attract you to buy vacation ownership. The great thing with Save N Vacations is that there is no obligation to buy, only a agreement that you will attend the presentation with an open mind (read the reservation confirmation).

Knowing how Save N Vacations is able to offer such cheap all inclusive vacation packages usually sets peoples’ minds at rest. It then makes sense why the packages are offered at such low cost.

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