Everyone wants a bargain and a discount, it’s just human nature. But sometimes saving money on a vacation can mean having more money to spend on the things you really want to do while abroad. Puerto Vallarta and Mexico as a whole are destinations that are cheaper than most vacation destinations in other parts of the world. Therefore, just by choosing to vacation in Puerto Vallarta, you are making comparative savings.

The best savings you can make in Puerto Vallarta occur before you even leave your home and should begin at least a year before you arrive to Puerto Vallarta’s shores. The biggest discounts can be found on flights and accommodation if you plan in advance and make your booking during special promotions or Black Friday deals. If you know you want to take a vacation next year, then keep an eye open for offers.

Reserving a flight to Puerto Vallarta through budget airlines can also save you money. For this you will need to plan your vacation during the high season when there are more chartered flights from various airports in Canada and USA. High season for Mexico’s beach destinations runs from the beginning of November until the end of March or Easter. The advantage of booking through a cheap low-cost airline is that you will get much cheaper flights, although the disadvantage is that you are less likely to get good discounts on accommodations, unless you book a promotion.

Once you arrive to Puerto Vallarta there are ways of lowering your spending costs. You can start by eating where the locals do rather than where the concierge of your hotel sends you. Asking a taxi driver is one option, although you will find that they tend to take you to where they receive commissions. Sometimes looking around during the Mexican meal times (lunch around 3pm – Dinner around 9pm) for places full of locals is a great indication of somewhere that is cheap and tasty.

When buying gifts for people to take home and souvenirs, always buy more than one item and see if you can get a discount for two or three. It is always worth a try, especially in the markets where they expect you to haggle. Buying gifts on the beach is also a money saving option – beach vendors love to haggle and are almost disappointed when you don’t attempt to bring them down a dollar or two.

Last but not least, walk and take the local buses as much as possible to avoid paying taxi fares. Not only will walking save you money on transport, it will also save you on gym fees when you get home and have to work off your vacation bulge!