Shills and Troupers on the Internet

Shills and Troupers on the Internet

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Would you happen to know what a “shill” is? Is this a new word that you are not familiar with? In all reality if you spend any amount of time on the internet reading reviews, forums, and comments that have been left below blogs and articles, then you may have been exposed to a shill and not even realized it. There are shills and troupers on the internet. Are you confused? Continue to read on to learn more about shills and troupers on the internet.

So many different ways the internet has affected and changed our lives, and mostly in a positive nature. Unfortunately, the internet is also a den of shills and troupers that are looking to scam. You can fall to a modern scam and advertising that is false by just believing the comments and reviews left by “shills”.

What are shills and troupers on the Internet? 

Shills on the internet are somewhat like internet trolls that like to leave comments on a variety of internet forums for a main reason or goal. Internet trolls are seeking to make an uproar within forums, and shills are paid to leave product reviews that are positive or to even give a competitor a slam, then provide them with a solution. A trouper is someone who deals with difficulty without ever complaining. One of the main problems with a shill is figuring out if the review or comment that has been left on a forum is by a satisfied customer or if the review or comment is totally fake, and sadly, the shills are paid money to make a comment that is positive about a service or product, so that the positive comment will spread by a service that has been personally endorsed.

Where did shills originate?

The word shill comes from the word “shillaber” a word that was often used to describe a circus worker or a circus trouper who would stand outside a circus and pretend to buy tickets. The circus worker or circus trouper would pretend that the tickets for the next show were selling out right after the circus master had just gave an uplifting speech about the show. The urgency was created and all of the “real” customers would hurry and rush over to buy the tickets before they sold out. This is a common practice for shills. Shills are often used at open auctions where they will bid and bid to raise the price on items, so the owner will profit more.

Are there ways to recognize a shill from a real commenter? 

It may seem like a fine art to recognize a shill from a real commenter because if a shill is an accomplished and devoted writer it can be difficult. Here are some sure ways to recognize a shill:

  1. Copy and paste the comment and do a Google search. If the comment has been used at several different sites, then that comment has most probably been written by a shill. Shills can be quite lazy and they don’t write new comments for each websites that they have been paid to comment on, so when the comment comes back as repeated often.
  2. Check Facebook. Another way to recognize a shill from a real commenter is by checking the social networks of the commenter and if they have stock photographs and very little friends, then the comment is definitely done by a shill.
  3. See how active they have been about leaving a variety of comments. Shills usually post about the same things.

TripAdvisor Penalizes Shills

TripAdvisor has caught on to shills and trolls that have been leaving comments on their website. They are giving companies high fines and penalties that are using shills to give them positive reviews. If you run across a comment that you believe has been written by a shill, then you should report this comment to TripAdvisor and doing this will help the companies that are genuinely deserve the praise and positive reviews, then the fake shills will be penalized for all their actions.

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Shills and Troupers on the Internet
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