How do Shills Work for Timeshare Cancellation Companies?

How do Shills Work for Timeshare Cancellation Companies?

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Many scammers litter the internet these days, these include internet shills who are paid heftily to do their thing. One industry that’s been a constant target and is affected negatively is the timeshare industry. Shills get employed by timeshare cancellation companies with a purpose of getting money and in the process discrediting the reputation of a respected timeshare company. Many websites who have sizeable following like TripAdvisor have been setting up measures to get rid of these shills, but it will be very difficult filtering out which is which. Let’s talk about these shills and how they move around with their ill-motives.

How do we differentiate a troll from a timeshare cancellation shill?

There’s a difference between a troll and a shill.  The former is a provocative type who does things for their own sick pleasure, while the latter gets compensated for a certain “evil” purpose.  Trolls give offensive comments to whichever catches their fancy and finds joy when their subject gets annoyed. Shills on the other hand may work their way through some affectionate words to look sincere and gain a subject’s trust.  Timeshare cancellation companies are known to use shills, will promise to cancel a timeshare membership despite knowing that it’s a futile attempt.

How do timeshare cancellation shills do it?

Timeshare cancellation shills visit websites and complaint forums looking for potential targets who are unsatisfied timeshare owners. They may give comforting comments and acts like a shoulder to cry on for those voicing out their complaints. Most often, they are on the lookout for popular timeshare companies because of their large following.  They operate in pairs; the first acting as the disgruntled timeshare owner, while the next one will be a representative of a timeshare cancellation company offering a solution.  The conversation and scripted comments will have a damaging effect on the timeshare company, and in the process steal money from the disgruntled timeshare owner.

Here’s an example of an exchange of words between two timeshare cancellation shills (sometimes the first commenter is genuine, sometimes they are both timeshare cancellation shills):

Timeshare Shill No.1:

Has anyone else been scammed by Mexico Timeshare Club? I just don’t know what to do. I want to cancel. Anyone?

Timeshare Shill No.2:

I had a wonderful experience with Pacific Mexico Timeshare Attorneys. They were able to cancel my membership quickly and without upfront fees.  I felt so helpless then, and Pacific Mexico Timeshare Attorneys was a godsend.


That’s the dramatic scene perpetrated by timeshare cancellation shills: one acting out as a problematic timeshare owner, and the other providing the solution for the problem.  The reality is cancellation of a timeshare membership will not be possible anymore after the cooling off period. So it will just be a trick to get money from a desperate timeshare owner, and a way to put down a timeshare company.  Shills go to an extent of making fake reviews, bad comments and hurtful conversations to serve their ill purpose.

Don’t be fooled by timeshare cancellation shills.

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How do Shills Work for Timeshare Cancellation Companies?
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