Summer Scams when Traveling

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Unfortunately, summer seems to be the time when many scams occur, and this could be because the warm and pleasant weather have our guards down and we aren’t so skeptical. Traveling to places that we aren’t familiar for may leave you a victim of a scam. There are many reasons, but always beware of scams during the summer. Below are some of the most popular scams that can occur during a summer vacation.

  1. Summer Vacation Rental Scam

    Class Action Suit for Villa Group Timeshare Scam

You search your local paper or a website classified ad and you find a summer vacation rental available last minute that isn’t verified. Since you found the summer vacation rental late you pay for it upfront by sending a money wire transfer, because the vacation rental is owned by a private party and they don’t accept any credit cards. You don’t give it another thought until you arrive at the summer vacation rental and someone is at the rental, but it’s not actually a rental it is a private property or you arrive to see your summer vacation rental and it may be a lot that is vacant or a house that is not inhabitable. The renter of the summer vacation rental is long gone with your money.

  1. Late Night Delivery Service Scams

You are tired, because it is late at night when you arrive to your summer vacation location. You check in and you are handed a flyer for a local restaurant that offers late night delivery. You may have checked into your summer vacation location and there was a flyer pushed under the door. You decide to order food, because you are hungry and tired, and you noticed that no other place is open to eat at. The restaurant doesn’t accept cash for payment, so you go ahead and give the restaurant your credit card information over the phone. You start unpacking and wait for your dinner to arrive, but the dinner never comes, so you call the restaurant and there is no answer. You have been scammed by a late night delivery service scam and now the scammers have already made a lot of purchases with your credit card.

  1. The Check-in Scam

This scam is another one that occurs during the late night hours. You arrive to your hotel and you check in, then head to your hotel. You are unpacking, brushing your teeth, and getting ready to go to bed when the phone rings, so you pick up the phone and the person on the other end of the phone claims to be the front desk. They tell you that your credit card has been declined, but could you confirm the credit card numbers again, so the front desk can be sure they have the right information. You are tired, so you give the credit card numbers once again, then go to bed. You wake up the following morning, but you don’t think about it until you get home from your vacation, then you find out that you were scammed with the check-in scam.

  1. Free Wi-Fi Scams

Anytime you go on vacation you may be excited to know that you will have free Wi-Fi as they are offered in diners and restaurants, businesses, and many public areas, but you should know that free Wi-Fi isn’t safe. You could connect to the free Wi-Fi and the network may be fake, so scammers can gain access to your banking online, email, and personal information. Some free Wi-Fi is scams.

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