How to Tell You are Being Scammed in Timeshare

How to Tell You are Being Scammed in Timeshare

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Since being “forewarned is forearmed,” we hope this information will help you make a more informed decision on selecting an authentic timeshare company.

How to tell you are being scammed in timeshare

There are certain things you can look for when trying to see if your timeshare opportunity is an obvious scam. The following information will help make you a more informed investor because it gives you some of the things to watch out for when offers are not what they seem.

We hope that as you read on, this information will help prevent you from being taken advantage of by fake timeshare companies.

Can you trust them?

If there is no available information on the company—not even negative information—then you may be in for an obvious scam. Most scam agencies will be short-lived companies that won’t have much of a history on the internet. Your best bet is to go to a presentation offered by a company that can be well researched and is over 10 years old.

Honesty is the best policy

The level of honesty a company has will be a sure sign of their integrity as an authentic company. If you have been running into a little lie in certain areas, then those are signs that you might be getting scammed. For instance, if you are promised a gift for attending the presentation and you never receive it, then it may be pointing to a fake company. Also, if you were promised incentives that should have been for free at the presentation (but you had to pay for it), then you are in an obvious scam.


A legitimate business is going to have the right local registrations and licenses. You won’t be able to research this part while on vacation. But, you can tell if the company is properly licensed if you see their agents in the big shopping malls and airports. They will also have an official ID that grants permission to solicit business for the agency. If not, then they are not legitimate.

Physical resorts

It’s definitely a scam if you never get the option to see the place before you buy it. A picture or miniature replica of the timeshare is still not good enough unless you are familiar with the reputation of the company providing it. And for those companies that still could be a scam but may offer to let you see an example, make sure the example is identical to what you plan to have as described in your contract.

Your inner voice

Most people don’t go by their natural instincts about most things, but we usually get a funny feeling when something is not the way it’s supposed to be. And usually when we get this feeling, we are correct: something was not right. Your gut feeling is one of the earliest warning signs you can get that tells you the timeshare offer is most likely a scam.


Not having an affiliation with any of the international exchange networks is a major sign of a fraudulent timeshare company. Keep in mind that Interval International and RCI have affiliations with verified companies and vacation clubs. So, do your research and see if your agency is connected to any of these networks.

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How to Tell You are Being Scammed in Timeshare
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