The Best Honeymoon – Puerto Vallarta

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When it comes to your honeymoon we want what you want: for you to have the very best honeymoon possible. Your honeymoon should encompass everything that you love as a couple, and enhance the feelings of love, devotion and passion that will, hopefully, stay with you throughout your married lives. This is why we would highly recommend Puerto Vallarta, in Mexico’s Banderas Bay on the Pacific Coast, as a perfect destination for our honeymoon for a few reasons.

The scenery

The landscape and scenery in and around this city is truly phenomenal. Banderas Bay, and Puerto Vallarta in particular, has been blessed with outstanding and diverse natural beauty that is truly breath-taking. The pristine beaches, shimmering waves, jungle covered mountains and palm studded coastline offer prime opportunities for some truly romantic honeymoon snaps. Puerto Vallarta encompasses some of the best examples of Mother Nature’s glory; if you can we would recommend trying to catch one of the glorious Puerto Vallarta sunsets because it could prove to be the most romantic moments of the honeymoon.

The History

While modernity and luxury are the order of the day in Puerto Vallarta it’s also a centre of history and culture from which you can reach some of the most historic and pretty places in the region. Places such as San Blas a port on the shore of Banderas Bay, slightly north of Puerto Vallarta. If you’d rather stay closer to the centre of the city, though, you could visit the downtown area where you’ll find plenty of colonial architecture and cobbled streets to explore!


The resorts in Puerto Vallarta are well-known for being highly luxurious and indulgent. They often have world class spas, fine dining restaurants, beach bars and even golf courses of championship standard. The resorts here range from exclusive couples hotels to family friendly resorts that have kids clubs and free activities to keep the little ones happy while you enjoy your honeymoon.

Activities and attractions

When you’re planning the best honeymoon of all time it’s key that you and your other half are able to do all the things you want to, right? Well Puerto Vallarta has so much to offer that you have no hope of doing it all in a few weeks. This is, we think, another reason why it should be first on your list of honeymoon destinations. When you stay in Puerto Vallarta you’ll be able to indulge in all the classic romantic activities such as waterfront meals on the beach, couples Spa days, and pagan rituals which are designed to celebrate and renew love. But, of course, you can still take part in all the classic vacation attractions such as water sports, day and night cruises, and nights out in the lively and bustling hotel zone!

Perhaps one of the best things about Puerto Vallarta is that it offers you the chance to build your own perfect honeymoon from scratch. Because, at the end of the day, your honeymoon is just like your love; unique and specific to you.

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