Thinking of Flying First Class for your honeymoon?

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All couples who can afford a honeymoon desire to have the most wonderful honeymoon experience; what better way to start out your new life together than by enjoying all the comforts of a first class flight? Enjoy that elite feeling of sitting at the front of the plane while being served a good wine or champagne and eating meals with the correct cutlery and plates. But is the price worth it?

Flying First Class for your honeymoon

The truth is that flying first class means a more expensive way of getting to your destination. Let take a look at some of the points to consider when opting to fly first class for your honeymoon.

Travelling time

If you decide on a destination within your home country, or are taking a flight that is less than 5 hours, it may be a better idea to fly economy-class. True first-class services are rarely offered on shorter flights and you may find yourself in business class. Besides, you hardly have time to really enjoy all the perks that you have paid for. However, if you plan on a longhaul trip, you might find that more room, larger seats and gourmet food and drinks is well worth the higher price tag.

Not all airlines have the same standards

The big name airlines are the main players when it comes to luxury first class flights and services on international flights. Check out those that belong to the top ten luxury airlines like Singapore Air or Air France, and  you’ll get the real first class treatment where the quality of your flight is never a question. Many airlines no longer offer first class, so be sure to check with your airline.

Spend money wisely

Before booking that first class flight, be sure that the cost doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket, meaning that you cannot afford other luxuries while you are at your honeymoon destination.  There is a big difference between economy class and first class tarifs; you could spend between $500 to $1,500 dollars more per person for the same flight if you choose first class or business class for your honeymoon. Such a huge amount of money could go towards more worthwhile things.  Instead of staying in a simple cabin by the sea, you can indulge in a posh resort villa or an all inclusive plan.  You can take more tours or pay for a romantic candlelight dinner for two with a serving of French caviar on the table. The money saved can create more opportunities for you to have that perfect bonding on your honeymoon.

Check out the plane first

Do some research on the airline’s list of luxury airplanes before deciding on flying first class for your honeymoon.  Modern planes are more likely to offer greater luxury and comfort and provide more privacy.

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