Timeshare Recovery and Refund Scams

Timeshare Recovery and Refund Scams

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Scammers and fraudsters have always been dynamic and worryingly intelligent, and these days the timeshare scams that are out there are so complex that it can be hard to believe that anyone would go to so much trouble to lie so convincingly. Refund and recovery scams are particularly potent, for a few reasons. Take a look below.

Are you on this hit list?

Believe it or not scammers have access to what they call “sucker lists” which contain the names, telephone numbers, and addresses of people who have already “bitten” (fallen for another) on another scam. For example, people who have paid to be included in raffles to win millions of dollars or fancy cars. These lists are sold to crooks who will use them to improve their chances of scamming someone.

How are you targeted for scams?

When it comes to many smaller scams you may not realise that you have been scammed at all! You may have given money to a charity which was bogus, invested in a phony business opportunity, or entered a fake competition. These kinds of scams often go under the radar because they have an element of chance and concern small amounts of money; when we don’t hear back from them we think little of it. When it comes to scams like the timeshare refund and recovery scams you might be targeted by chance, or your information might be taken from sites you have visited when you’ve been looking into how you can get rid of your timeshare.

Protect yourself from timeshare refunds and recovery scams

As timeshare recovery and refund scams seem to be very common these days, you should protect yourself. If you want to know how you can avoid timeshare recovery and refund scams our advice is simple; any company which offers to do this for you, any person who claims that they can cancel your membership for you, is most likely fraudulent. Timeshare agreements are legally binding documents which can only really be nullified under certain circumstances. One of the grounds for cancellation is mis-selling; if you feel you have been mis-sold, however, the people to talk to are your timeshare companies representatives.

Don’t fall foul of a timeshare refund scam or cancellation fraud, stay alert!

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Timeshare Recovery and Refund Scams
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