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Timeshare Resale – Pros and Cons

Are you wondering what a timeshare is? A timeshare is an owned property that is a shared and buyers of the shared owned property prepay for their vacation accommodations ahead of time. The price is affordable and there is a fixed rate, which allows buyers to have great vacations for life with their family members. Timeshares are also known as vacation ownership and one of the best features of being a timeshare owner is that it allows families of different budgets and incomes to plan ahead for their vacations at popular locations and luxurious resort properties, and owners will not have to worry about financing a vacation each year. Timeshare owners also don’t have to worry about the property maintenance and upkeep because the timeshare property will take care of this for you. If you decide to become a timeshare owner you will not have to worry about doing any repairs to the property. You will be able to have a relaxing and enjoyable vacation, and isn’t it more important to spend your vacation time making memories with your family that will be remembered forever? Have you been approached about a timeshare resale? There are pros and cons with a timeshare resale.

 Timeshare Properties and Real Estate Properties – What’s the Difference?

Have you been researching timeshare information? Are you wondering if you should invest in a timeshare or you should invest in real estate property? What’s the difference with timeshare properties and real estate properties? One of the biggest differences between timeshare properties and real estate properties is a timeshare property ownership is owned and shared by numerous individuals and real estate properties are solely owned by you. Generally, nearly all of traditional real estate properties have just one owner. A timeshare property has many owners and these owners all use and enjoy the property, and timeshare owners will each have allocated week or weeks that they can use for their vacation each year.

Low Maintenance Timeshares

A traditional real estate property purchase allows you to be the single owner and you will have complete access to the property anytime you want. There is another very important difference between the timeshare property and the traditional real estate property, which is the maintenance and the maintenance costs. If you are a timeshare owner, the maintenance costs for the timeshare property will be equally divided with all of the timeshare owners so all of repairs that needs to be done will not be charged to you with each repair. A traditional real estate property will require you to maintain the property and you will be responsible for all of the costs for the repairs. The maintenance fees with a timeshare property are affordable as the fees are around $20 to $50 a month. The maintenance fees will go towards keeping the timeshare unit in great condition, landscaping, property grounds, and all of the amenities that you will enjoy with your timeshare property ownership. You will never have to lift a finger repairing anything as this is all taken care of with the maintenance fees that you pay with your timeshare ownership property.

Timeshare Resales – Pros and Cons

Are you wondering what timeshare resales are? Would you like to know more information about timeshare resales? Are timeshare resales different from a traditional timeshare ownership? A timeshare resale is actually a timeshare ownership that was resold to a new buyer and a traditional timeshare ownership is a timeshare that was sold to you from the timeshare resort. Many times a timeshare resale can be purchased at a reduced price, which is an excellent way to become a traditional timeshare owner that has a tight budget. The timeshare resale is sold at a lower price because there are no extra marketing fees or incentive sales costs added to the price, which occurs when a traditional timeshare is being purchased from the resort. Usually the timeshare resales are being sold approximately around 20% to 50% lower than the timeshare ownership would have sold for when it was purchased at the resort. The reason the timeshare resales can be sold up to 50% cheaper is because there are no extra costs added to the price so they sell at the property’s fair market value.

Timeshare Resale – Potential for Scams

Now due to lower prices timeshare resales may sound attractive, but it is important to recognize that there is a much higher chance of becoming scammed if you purchase a timeshare resales. Any dealings with third parties timeshare companies other than your initial timeshare provider could be a risk factor to consider. It is possible that you may accidentally come across a fraudulent timeshare scammer that pose as legitimate timeshare companies and claim they have a resale timeshare for you to buy. Many times, they actually may be scammers in disguise who make money by convincing innocent victims to work with them. Often times, they may not even have an actual timeshare to sell, and they could charge you an upfront fee and then disappear. You can avoid a timeshare resale scam by only investing in a legitimate timeshare directly from a reputable timeshare provider.  It is worth the peace of mind to purchase a timeshare directly from a genuine timeshare provider like Garza Blanca. That way, you know you are investing in a high quality timeshare, and a genuine traditional timeshare saves you money now so you can plan ahead for a lifetime of memorable vacations.

Licensed and Bonded Timeshare Title Company

Are you really serious about wanting to purchase a traditional timeshare or a timeshare resale? If you are, then you will want to make sure that you only work with a timeshare title company that is licensed and bonded. The licensed and bonded timeshare title company will take care of all the traditional timeshare purchase process for you along with any added paperwork that may be related to the purchase. A professional title company will be there with you to take you through all of the timeshare purchasing process, and the title company will handle all of the escrow funds, preparing the deed, the timeshare estoppel certificate, all of the closing statements, and the recording of the timeshare deed. All of these tasks that the title company will handle for you will still only cost you one price. Once all of the paperwork has been completed, a licensed lawyer will look over all of the title work and paperwork to ensure that the paperwork has been done legally.

Now that you know all of the information about timeshare resales, are you ready to become a traditional timeshare owner? Right now, you can control your financial future and your future vacations.