Are Timeshare Upgrades a Scam?

Are Timeshare Upgrades a Scam?

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Are timeshare upgrades a scam? The topic for this week’s discussion is if timeshare upgrades are a scam. Should you consider upgrading your timeshare membership so if you have any usage issues they can be resolved. Many timeshare members are seeing that their timeshare membership level is actually making it very hard for them to truly enjoy their membership, which is why many of the timeshare members are considering canceling their timeshare; unfortunately these timeshare members are often scammed by fraudulent timeshare cancellation companies.

Are timeshare upgrades a scam?

Timeshare Members Can’t Use their Timeshare – It has to be a Scam 

If you are reading complaints on internet websites based around timeshares, then you are probably seeing some timeshare members saying they are unable to use their timeshare. If these complaints are true, then the majority of these cases are based upon timeshare members who have purchased a low level timeshare membership, which only allows them to make reservations with the most popular and sought out units that are in demand, which makes them harder to reserve.

First time buyers are open to cancellation scams

Timeshare members are often advised to reserve their vacations two years in advance to secure the exact dates and types of units that they want. You are, therefore, at a disadvantage when you first buy your timeshare membership, because many other timeshare members have already booked their vacation on popular and sought out dates that are in the same unit type that you have. This is why many timeshare members believe that they have purchased a timeshare scam, and these members will go to timeshare cancellation scammers to try to cancel their timeshare membership instead of talking over their concerns and problems with the actual timeshare company. During this time is when the timeshare cancellation scammers will take advantage of timeshare members.

What is the best solution?

What should you do? What is the best solution when you have purchased a genuine timeshare from a vacation club that is reputable? You should first inquire about a timeshare membership upgrade with your timeshare company. Doing this will allow you to access many different options such as different locations and a wider range of units. You should make sure that you are buying an upgrade and not another timeshare membership that you will have to pay for along with your current timeshare membership. You should never believe that a timeshare company that is the competitor will buy your current timeshare membership, so you can upgrade your current one. If you do this, then you will be obligated in paying for both memberships and maintenance fees for the timeshares.

Banking your time from one year to the next

If you don’t want to upgrade your timeshare, then one solution is that you can bank your timeshare for years in advance and when you have earned enough points you can select the unit or suite that you prefer and want. This is an option that many timeshare companies offer. You can also reserve a week that is not booked, then use the Interval International or RCI exchange network for other vacation dates that you want or prefer. Another option is renting out your timeshare week too.

Timeshare Membership Success

To have timeshare membership success and avoid a timeshare scam,  you should look at your timeshare as an investment that will continue to grow in your favor. When you are a timeshare member with a genuine timeshare company, then you have the option of upgrading your timeshare membership if you have the finances to do so. This is the key to having timeshare membership success.

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Are Timeshare Upgrades a Scam?
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