Tips for Writing Hotel Reviews

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If you would like to praise a hotel for its impeccable services, or you would like to complain about the nightmare stay at a resort, a great way that you can share your hotel experience with other people, which would include other travelers and the hotel staff and owners, you can do that when you write a hotel review.

Well Informed Hotel Reviews

Fellow travelers can be well informed when you write genuine hotel reviews that are effective and therefore travelers will be able to make their lodging stay based upon your hotel review. You can share your hotel experiences for everyone to see and to benefit from and there are several different travel reviews sites where you can write your hotel review such as the TravelPost, TripAdvisor, and TravBuddy.


Below are just a few tips for writing hotel reviews:


Express Yourself Honestly

Be clear about the overall impression you wish to give about your experience, writing your hotel review honestly. However, avoid complaining for the sake of it if you were actually very impressed by your experience at the hotel. Finding the negative aspects is not essential to writing hotel reviews if you wish to leave a positive review.

Business or pleasure

Let travelers know if your trip was for personal reasons or for business, as this may affect the impression you have of the hotel in relation to your specific needs. Also let other travelers know if you were traveling with other business associates, friends, and family members

Provide specific details

Be precise by letting other travelers know the type of hotel room you stayed in to help readers know which hotel review to read. Adding information about specific details is more helpful than vague comments. For example, if you are not happy with your room, be specific about why. If it was too dark / too bright / too hot / too cold etc, add the details because what you may consider a bad feature of a hotel room might be someone else’s idea of a great feature. Also focus on other aspects, not just the hotel room. Readers of hotel reviews appreciate information you provide on aspects such as parking, room service, WiFi connection, and more.

Check for errors

Anytime you are writing hotel reviews you will want to make sure you are very descriptive, and the grammar and spelling is correct. Doing this will let other travelers know that you are serious and intelligent.

Add Photographs if you have them

Depending on the hotel review website, add pictures if you can. Add pictures of your room, bathroom, lobby, and pool area. If any of these areas are dirty, then the pictures will speak volumes, and more than you could by just writing a hotel review.

Mention any Major Attractions nearby

Adding a brief mention about any major or minor attractions that are near the resort in your hotel review is important. For example, add how close the beach is from the hotel, popular tourist activities, best shopping, delicious dining, and where the nightlife is located. Fellow travelers will really appreciate you writing about what they can expect to enjoy near the resort.

Add Hotel Amenities

Other travelers are always interested in knowing all the hotel amenities such as if the bed is hard as a rock or if you felt like you were sleeping on cotton along with the condition of the pool. You can also let other travelers know if there is free internet and cable television.

Don’t forget to mention the staff

Adding information about the hotel’s staff is always appreciated by other travelers. Was the staff rude or very friendly and helpful? Maybe, you had a concierge that went that extra mile to ensure that every request you had they met. If the housekeeping service was terrible, then you should write about this. Mentioning the names of those who provided great service is also recommended in hotel reviews.

When you are about to write your own hotel review you should always write about your overall experience at the hotel. Some of the minor things may not need to be added to the review. If you would definitely recommend the hotel, then make sure you relay that point with your hotel review. We hope the tips for writing hotel reviews was helpful, so you can write the best hotel reviews that are both helpful and honest.

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