Top 9 Errors to Avoid on Vacation in Mexico if you don’t want to end up in jail!

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Mexico promises a one-of-a-kind vacation. With its fabulous beaches and breathtaking sceneries, it’s an island paradise for those tired souls, who just want to have a break.  However, there are a few things that you should avoid doing when enjoying your vacation in Mexico if you want to have a great time but also avoid going to jail, offending the locals and putting yourself in danger.

Let’s take a look at some errors to avoid on vacation to Mexico:

1) Urinating in public places

Besides being unhygienic and disrespectful to those who use the public spaces after you, this error could cost you a few hundred pesos in fines. Never urinate in public. Authorities in the tourist zone exert all effort to keep the surrounding clean and green, not yellow!

2) Drunk driving

You will certainly spend the weekend in a jail cell and have you car confiscated in Mexico if you are caught drinking and driving. You could be stopped for a breath test randomly or at official roadblocks.

3)  Swim when the red flag is up

A red flag flying on a public beach connotes danger and indicates that it is very unsafe to swim. When you see a red flag hoisted, don’t attempt to enter the sea. Big waves and turbulent ocean currents might sweep you away into the middle of the sea.  A great vacation in Mexico doesn’t include drowning.

4)  Don’t eat turtle eggs

Turtles are considered endangered species in Mexico. Their conservation and protection are the priorities of animal welfare groups here. Do your share as a law abiding visitor, don’t eat turtle eggs. They may taste delicious, but it’s not worth it. It’s better to eat other delicious Mexican food and watch the baby turtle hatch on the beach.

 5)  Never, ever insult a Mexican’s mother

Mothers are highly honored in Mexico, just like in any other country.  Insulting them is a big no no to Mexican people. When you’re not in the mood, pick on other topics for your tantrums and leave the mothers alone, unless you are looking for a fight!

6)  Avoid diving without a guide

Never go on diving trip alone. Mexican waters can be unpredictable. Ocean currents are always a threat even to diving experts. The beauty of Mexico’s marine life is worth exploring, but safety should be a paramount concern. For cave diving, a local guide is a must.

7)  Have a sex in public

Sex in public is considered public scandal and can land you to jail anytime any where in Mexico. To save yourself from humiliation, book a nice room or rent villa with a private beach.

8)  Work

Keep your mind away from all the hassles that you left home regarding your work.  If you have your laptop with you, it’s better to keep its cord in your luggage to prevent you from opening it. You won’t enjoy your vacation when you’re thinking of your work back home. You came to Mexico to have a wonderful time, right?

9) Stingy or non existent tipping

Mexican workers are known for their great service. To return the favor, at least give them something as a token of appreciation. A tip is more like it.  Basic wages are low and what you give will benefit them greatly.

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