Transport Scams at Mexican Airports

So, you’ve bought your vacation package in an amazing hotel in Mexico… in fact you could even be lucky enough to have a timeshare to go to! There remains one obstacle, however; getting to your getaway destination.

If you’re a veteran traveler you may already have thought of booking in advance to ensure that you get from A to B in plenty of time and minimize stress. Of course, scammers have picked up on this trend, and, as they do, have found a way to capitalize on even the savviest of travelers. Read on to find out about transport scams at Mexican airports and how you can avoid them;

Beware airport transport scams

Recently there has been a more pronounced risk of being the victim of a transportation scam at an airport in Mexico, and if you do not pay attention to the confirmation sent to you by your transport company you are particularly at risk.

You see, scammers will try to make you feel that you have been picked up by the correct transport company; they will try to make you feel that they were waiting for you, and that they are the people you need to be speaking to. In fact they will have many people believing that they’re with the right company up until they are at their hotel and the driver requests to be paid!

At this point you’ve been scammed; you went with a competitor company!

How to avoid airport transport scams?

Be sure you take a note of the transport company and your reservation details; have a copy on your phone and a paper copy to hand for when you get off the plane. When approached by someone claiming to be from your chosen company; firstly, check that they have something with the companies name on it and that they have ID. Secondly, you should check that you are on their reservations list and that they have something with the company’s logo and official name on it.

What to do when you have been scammed?

Be sure you take a note of all of the details provided when it comes to the company that provided unsolicited transport; take a note of the cars registration and the agent/drivers name if you can, also take a note of the company name, and the time of the pick up etc. Once you have done so report these details to the airport authorities as all agents working within the airports are required to have a permit in order to do so.

As such it should be fairy easy to isolate and identify scammers who run this kind of operation.

We hope this advice helps to keep you safe from transportation scams in Mexico’s airports, and if you are scammed we hope this advice will help you to deal with it quickly!