When you are dreaming about your next vacation, then the first thing you need to think about is: Should you rent a vacation rental, condo or hotel? Keep in mind that you want your vacation rental to be close to a beautiful beach, and near all the tourist attractions. It is a priority to have our vacation rental with plenty of space and all the amenities. When it is time for your vacation, and you arrive at the rental, then the vacation rental should be what you dreamed it should be, and in perfect condition with the price that you have paid.

Many times we take these things for granted and we don’t worry about it. Sometimes, bad things can happen when you are booking a vacation rental in another country, but don’t worry about it, because we have provided you with tips to prevent these bad things from occurring.

Try to Preview the Vacation Rental Prior (Or Have Someone Look at it For You)

This is only an option for you if you are near the vacation location, or if you are on vacation, and would like to go ahead and book for the next year. You can swing by the vacation rental and walk through it, and see firsthand where it is located, and what it looks like. If you happen to be doing your rental through an agent, then simply ask the agent to take photos of the rental, and send the photos to you.

Previewing the vacation rental yourself is always best, but an agent can protect you from false ads. Websites can often make the property look amazing. It may show a third bedroom, but it may just be a closet, or the beach may not even be close to the vacation rental and be many miles away. Nowadays you could ask the agent to give you a live tour via Skype or send a video for a more faithful representation.

List of Curated Rentals

If you can’t rent the rental direct from the owner, then you should hire an agency to do it for you. The agency will give you a list of curated rental properties. These curated rental properties are always inspected and checked out thoroughly by the agency. The agency will only show you properties that are curated, and are high quality rental properties. The owners of the properties are not displaying an ad, but the agency is in charge of the rentals.

Inspect for Damages

Once you have booked your vacation rental, and you are now arriving at the location, then have your agent meet you there, and the two of you can inspect for any damages at the rental. Make a list of the damages, and have your agency sign the list. This will protect you for paying for damages that were there before you arrived at the vacation rental.

Credit Card Payment

When you are ready to book your vacation rental, then use a major credit card. You should never pay for your vacation rental with cash as cash provides you with no documentation. A credit card will be evidence for you in case there is a cancellation, and you will be refunded for your charges.