The feeling of excitement is felt whenever the thought of vacations to Mexico crosses the mind.  This famed tropical country promises unforgettable vacations because of its natural beauty and variety of fun filled activities one can engage in.  A good climate, stunning beaches and a picturesque landscape make up its appeal that attracts millions of visiting tourists each year.  Mexico the perfect getaway from hectic city life and promises a truly serene and relaxing break.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why vacations to Mexico are heavenly experiences that every tired soul is longing for.

A friendly face

A friendly face

Sometimes we have second thoughts when leaving our own country and spending some time in a foreign land simply because we don’t want to be away from home.  If you have this fear, consider vacationing in Mexico, where its people will meet you with open arms and a sweet smile. Mexican are very helpful and accommodating people who’ll go all out in helping others.  If you happen to have a flat tire in the middle of the road, someone would come hurriedly to give you a hand even though you’re a stranger.  It’s natural to them, being sensitive to those who need help.  You’ll never feel like you’re away from home because Mexicans will see and treat you as one of their own on your vacations to Mexico.

Sun, sun, sun!

This is one great reason why many tourists choose vacations to Mexico as their favorite vacations.  The almost perfect tropical weather in Mexico offers blue, clear skies and ideal temperatures. Mexico’s coastal destinations enjoy lots of sunshine during the day and cool breezes during night time to make you feel comfortable.  Coastal areas such as Cancun, Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta has the world’s best beaches where frolicking under the sun and playing beach volleyball under the sun’s rays are awesome experiences.  Give yourself a break from summer’s blistering heat by visiting some cities like Mexico city and Guadalajara where shopping and sightseeing options are huge.


Mexico prides itself on its selection of delicious food to take your taste buds on a sublime journey.  For your vacations to Mexico, there are many excellent restaurants, cafes, food shops, bars and even street vendors offering the tastiest Mexican delicacies.  Every place you go has its own specialties that are unique and delectable.  Authentic Mexican dishes spiced up with herbs and spices are offered alongside international restaurants situated in tourist areas where you can try Asian, European and Western dishes.  It doesn’t matter what your taste buds long for, Mexico has it all.

Festivals and Events

Mexico is a country that is known for great celebrations.  Events, festivals, grand occasions happen in great frequency and are celebrated with much gusto and fanfare.  Traditional musical performances can be seen in plazas and public places for free.  Some famous dances worth seeing are the old people’s dance called “La Danza de los Viejitos”, the hat dance known as “Jarabe Tapatio” and the “La Danza del Venado’ or the deer dance.  Mexican music is upbeat and lively where you can sway all night to its danceable beat. Mariachi music is also very common to hear in the main tourist areas.

Your vacations to Mexico will be both a thrilling and fulfilling experience.  It’s one for the books and an encounter to cherish forever.