Water Sports in Puerto Vallarta

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One of the reasons that Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is so popular as a beach destination is because of the endless sunshine and warm temperatures of the sea, making watersports a great pastime in Banderas Bay. Catching some rays and getting those healthy doses of vitamin D is easy in Puerto Vallarta, but vacations are not just about lying on a beach, there are so many activities you can enjoy which get the heart pumping too.


You will find agents offering parasailing on many of the beaches in Puerto Vallarta. Companies need to have a licence to operate on Puerto Vallarta’s beaches, so safety is very good so long as you follow instructions.

Banana Boats

No vacation in the sun is complete without falling off a banana boat. There are plenty of chances to banana-hop on Puerto Vallarta’s Banderas Bay.


This is a growing sport and one which unites locals, international professionals as well as budding tourists. The best beaches for kitesurfing are to the north of Puerto Vallarta.


There are many great surf spots on the outskirts of Puerto Vallarta as well as some places to surf within the city. For the best points you need to travel a little to the north or south of the bay.

Snorkeling and Diving

Snorkeling and diving trips are very popular with the best sites being Los Arcos (the rocky arches you can see from the shore) and the Marietas Islands. Some beaches, like Garza Blanca Beach offer some pleasant snorkeling for novices.

Paddle Boarding

Puerto Vallarta is full of places where you can rent or borrow paddle boards. Once you get beyond the waves, paddle boarding is very pleasant on Banderas Bay. Many beach clubs allow you to use the boards for free.


Kayaking is another great watersport that is popular in Puerto Vallarta. You can often see tourists kayaking from one end of the city to another, crossing the bay in formation.

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