Wedding Packages at Garza Blanca Residence Club

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Wedding Packages at Garza Blanca Residence Club

These days destination weddings are all the rage, and due to the lowering of airfares they’re no longer restricted to the super rich, or couples eloping. This is why so many five star resorts like the Garza Blanca Residence Club offer package deals to make sure that your wedding goes off without a hitch!

Your Wedding Ceremony at Garza Blanca as Residence Club Members

The five star Garza Blanca Preserve is nestled between the tropical Sierra Madre Mountains, and the sparkling waters of the Bay of Banderas on Mexico’s Pacific Coast. All this breath-taking beauty is really put to work by the Garza Blanca Residence Club when they’re setting up areas for wedding ceremonies and receptions. Those who would prefer to leave the nitty gritty process of setting the whole day up to someone else will love the packages offered by the Garza Blanca Residence Club.

Wedding Ceremony Packages at Garza Blanca

The Garza Blanca Residence club offers three main wedding packages, including a  Gemstone, Crystal, and Jewel package. Each of these packages includes extra luxuries to make sure that you and your wedding party have a great day. These could be suite upgrades, or Spa treatments for the Bride and groom.

Your ceremony at the Garza Blanca Residence Club can be conducted in English or Spanish, depending on which you would prefer, and all packages include gorgeous flower arrangements which can be placed in or around a beachside Huppah if you wish to see the Ocean during your ceremony. A matching Bouquet and Boutonniere will be prepared for the bride and groom, and even the seating will match your chosen theme. Every single detail will be given the utmost attention and care with the aim that the ceremony be as unique and special as you are.

Wedding Reception Packages at Garza Blanca

A sophisticated, elegant wedding ceremony requires a matching reception. After all one can’t get married without having a celebration afterwards! The Garza Blanca Residence Club offers Gold and Diamond packages to make the organization of your wedding reception much easier.

Both packages begin with a cocktail hour, the finest hors d’oeuvres that the resort’s chef can provide as well as a professional service team to keep things running smoothly. You can choose between a two or three course meal, pick your own cake, and have an open bar for your guests to enjoy. When you put the organization of your wedding reception in the capable hands of the Garza Blanca Residence club you can be sure that it will be treated with as much care and consideration as the wedding ceremony itself.

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