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The world is full of things than can, potentially, ruin your vacation, and sometimes it’s hard to tell just what you can do to prevent or minimize the effect these things will have, but we have some tips that will really help you to do just that. The right kinds of preparation and the right attitude can go a huge way towards making sure that any hiccups are smoothed with the least stress possible.

Heatstroke, dehydration and other minor illnesses.

Nothing puts a dampener on your vacation like a runny tummy or some other small malady, but do you know that things like sunstroke and dehydration are both easily preventable and potentially fatal? People from colder climes are most often hit by these issues, and yet it’s so easy to prevent. The first thing you can, and should, do is make sure that you’re drinking 2 litres of water a day. Set up a routine where you have at least one glass of water before you go to bed and one when you wake up. You should also drink one full glass of water for every one or two glasses of alcohol you consume.

Secondly, you should cover your head and shoulders or, better still, stay in the shade during the hottest part of the day to avoid getting sunstroke. When it comes to other small illnesses, such as viral infections, the best thing you can do is to have a small first aid kit filled with medicines to help stop diarrhoea and rehydrate after sickness.

Natural disasters

You cannot prevent or predict natural disasters, but you can prepare in a few ways. Firstly you should brush up on your resorts emergency procedures and make a note of all important points in the grounds as well as the emergency exits. You should also invest in the kind of travel insurance that covers you for many eventualities, including cancellation, so that you can be sure you’ll have the support and help you need (both medical and financial) in the event that you need it.

Loss of property

Losing your luggage or passport is perhaps one of the most nightmare inducing vacation dilemmas, and in the case of your luggage the worst thing is that you can’t really even plan to prevent it. If an airline misplaces your suitcases, or sends them to the wrong place then there’s very little you can do. What you can do to make sure that it’s as stress free as possible for you is to ensure that your travel insurance will cover the loss of any personal items. You should also make sure that you have a spare outfit, a fresh set of underwear and a swimsuit in your hand luggage so that you don’t find yourself well and truly in trouble should this occur. When it comes to your passport we’re afraid you’ll just have to reapply for it and wait.

You can, of course, prevent the loss of your passport by ensuring that you don’t take it anywhere outside the resort unless it’s 100% necessary. When exchanging money, for example, a photocopy of your passport or your driving license will generally suffice.

Lack of forward planning

When going on vacation to a new place, especially if you have kids with you, a lack of planning can be fatal. You’re likely to get to your destination and find that there’s nothing that you wanted to do available, or (worse still) find that everybody wants to do something different from everyone else. Taking the time to research what’s available in the area, what the prices and availability is like and how easy these things are to get to from your resort will save you some headaches in the long run. If you’ve got a really big brood with you then it might even pay to have a basic itinerary set out.